AIDS can be fought!

AIDS can be fought!Accumulated data allowed to conclude that appeared in the 1997 new drugs effective against the "plague of the XX century". The majority of HIV-infected makers of modern medicine, to live at least another 10 years, scientists have reported. According to the results of tests in several European countries since 1997, when they were new methods of treatment, the death rate from AIDS has fallen by 80%. In addition, equal to the expected life expectancy of older and younger HIV-infected. 10 years old life expectancy of the infected is an important indicator for researchers engaged in the development of new drugs and evaluation of their effectiveness. You can without a doubt say that a new treatment is better still. Читать полностью -->

Immunopathology, Allergology, Infectology

Immunopathology, Allergology, InfectologyImmunopathology, Allergology, Infectology International scientific-practical journal.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Attempting to lose weight will prolong the life

Attempting to lose weight will prolong the lifeFull and obese people trying to lose weight, live longer than those who are not trying to lose weight. Also, according to this new study, people who tried but failed to lose weight, live longer than those who never tried to do that. However, scientific evidence is not as conclusive, reports Reuters Health (London). According to Dr. Edward Gregg, "it is generally accepted that losing weight is good. However, the problem with many studies is that they do not share a special weight loss and unintentional, resulting from the disease." This 9-year study covered 6,000 people, obese, aged 35 years. Читать полностью -->

For uroven stress can be monitored remotely

For uroven stress can be monitored remotelyFor uroven stress can be monitored remotely American scientists are developing a device that will monitor in real time the level of stress in soldiers on the battlefield. The principle of the device - measurement in saliva levels of steroid hydrocortisone secreted in the adrenal gland (adrenal-gland). This enzyme correlates directly with the level of nervous tension. Saliva is taken by means of a flexible tube similar to the one through which cyclists drinking water in the road. Chemical analysis data are transmitted to the commander of the unit that evaluates whether the soldier to perform a task or his actions could be put in jeopardy comrades-in-arms. The instrument is developed in the physics laboratory of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Читать полностью -->

Optic neuritis

Optic neuritisEtiology: common acute and chronic infections (influenza, tonsillitis, typhoid fever, syphilis, tuberculosis, brucellosis and other) and alcohol (methyl alcohol, and others), diabetes, gout, blood disorders, nephritis, focal infection (tonsillitis, sinusitis, otitis media, and others), inflammatory diseases of the brain and its membranes, etc. Pathogenesis: the immediate spread of the inflammatory process in the optic nerve of the sinuses or shells brain metastasis of infecta with bacteremia, the response of neural tissue to sensitisation by common infections and intoxications. Symptoms. The lower view, concentric, sometimes irregular narrowing of the field of view, primarily in color, Central and paracentral scotomas in the visual field. The optic nerve disc hyperemia, not prominere (with the exception of the form of nephritis with edema), its borders are fuzzy. The retinal arteries is usually slightly narrowed, veins dilated and tortuous. Читать полностью -->

Hygienic requirements

Hygienic requirementsHygienic requirements to conduct cosmetic massage, remain the same as when conducting a classic: massaged must occupy a position of sitting or lying down. If massaged lies, his head is on a solid surface; muscles should be relaxed; hair must be removed under a scarf or collect the tape. Indications and contraindications Malfunction of the sebaceous glands is recommended sessions cosmetic massage. It is equally very useful for dry and problem skin. You should pay attention to the fact that this type of massage has its contraindications. It cannot be performed in the presence of skin diseases: dermatitis, herpes, eczema, and fungal diseases. Читать полностью -->

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