Yoga cure asthma

Yoga cure asthmaYoga cure asthma As it turned out in the course of research conducted by staff of the Department of alternative medicine at Exeter University, patients with a diagnosis of "asthma" showing clear signs of improvement in their condition after undergoing special training exercises based on yoga. After analyzing data on the rest of the ancient system of healing, the researchers concluded that yoga cycle of exercises, which are an integral part of the so-called "Sahaja yoga", is most clearly linked to overcome or at least mitigate the symptoms of various respiratory diseases, including asthma. The essence of Sahaja yoga is that with exercise to achieve the state of full or absolute mental control over the processes occurring in the body". A set of exercises developed by this methodology includes several techniques of relaxation (relaxation): "creating a positive attitude", "visualize what is happening inside the body and, as a final stage, "the acquisition of the ability to relax when you need the right muscle groups and muscles". According to doctors, after three or four months of intensive therapy of such patients achieve certain results, gradually altering his diagnosis in the direction of improvement. Additionally, these patients significantly improves overall physical performance and mood. Читать полностью -->

the Number of victims fever Dang in Singapore has exceeded thousand people

the Number of victims fever Dang in Singapore has exceeded  thousand peopleThe number of Singapore citizens who are victims of fever Dang, ran rampant in the city-state since the beginning of the year, exceeded the eve of the 10-thousand mark. This was announced on Tuesday by the Minister of environment of the Czech Yaacob Ibrahim. He added that the first forty years of its history, the state was faced with an epidemic of this scale. "At the end of last week, the fever set a new sad record, exceeding the previous year's figure, which was considered the most dangerous from the point of view of the epidemiological situation. In 2004, victims of the disease have become 9459 our citizens, at the moment the number of detected cases has exceeded the 10-thousand mark and is 10237 people," - said in an interview with the Singapore newspaper Straits times" Yaacob Ibrahim. Given that as of July this year, the population of the state is only four million 425 thousand people, these figures look rather menacing. Читать полностью -->

Love actually deprives of reason

Love actually deprives of reasonScientists have long proved that love (as, indeed, any vivid emotions) has an impact not only on the psychological, but also on the physical condition of the person. But, it turns out that the implications of these changes is not as straightforward as believed psychologists and continue to consider themselves lovers. As shown by research conducted at the University College London (UK), have love of men and women (and in the study involved 24 people, "thought himself in love"), there are certain changes of cerebral circulation, resulting in impaired function of the number of centres of the brain. In particular, the reduced activity centers that control rational behavior and emotions. In the lovers lose their ability for critical analysis of the situation - for example, stop paying attention to the shortcomings of others (including love object) or, for example, start to behave relatively impractical, doing too much mindless action. In addition, love leads to changes in the hormonal status of the body in men reduces the production of male sex hormone (testosterone), and in the woman's body, on the contrary, begins to be synthesized with greater intensity than usual. Читать полностью -->

Number of cases of hepatitis a in the Tver region reached human

Number of cases of hepatitis a in the Tver region reached  humanThe number of cases of hepatitis a in the Tver region reached 461 man, announced the press center of the regional administration. Among patients with 117 children, said the representative of the press center. Today in the Rzhev held an extraordinary meeting of the anti-epidemic Commission. It will oblast Governor Dmitry Zelenin. The other day appeared first cases of hepatitis a in the regions bordering the Tver region. In Sychevsky Central district hospital of the Smolensk region in the infectious diseases Department at the moment is 10 people diagnosed with hepatitis A. Читать полностью -->

One tablet will save syphilis

One tablet will save syphilisNew tablet antibiotic is able as well to resist syphilis, as injections of penicillin. This medicine help to fight this dangerous venereal disease in developing countries. Such conclusions were made as a result of studies done in Tanzania. A group of researchers headed by Dr. Gabriel Renderon from the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine, has conducted an extensive survey in Tanzania on patients suffering from syphilis. It was found that patients in the course of the experiment took oral azithromycin and recovered as quickly as the experimental group, which was made of traditional injections of penicillin. Читать полностью -->

Older people live according to their own time, which is different from the real

Older people live according to their own time, which is different from the realOlder people live according to their own time, which is different from the real one. This is evidenced by the results of research psychologists from the Ural state University, studied the peculiarities of the perception of time men and women aged 60 to 91 years. Psychologists asked the participants of the experiment to measure the intervals 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 seconds using a hand held stopwatch. In each participant, the researchers calculated the subjective duration of intervals and see how it differs from reality. The one-second intervals all the subjects, both men and women periotoneal", that is, increased. This is true for the elderly, young people, as previous research has shown, on the contrary, nedootsenivayut this interval. Читать полностью -->

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