Bryansk dentist accidentally killed the boy lidocaine

Bryansk dentist accidentally killed the boy lidocaineIn Bryansk 9-year-old boy died at the dentist. Pavel Malyshev came with my mother in the children's Department dental clinic №3 of the city of Bryansk with a complaint of acute toothache. The dentist has diagnosed and, as usual in such cases, found the mother of the child: does the child allergic to any medications. The mother replied that the allergic reaction is caused by penicillin, lincomycin and Biseptol. Then the doctor decided to enter anesthetic - two percent lidocaine 3 mg Not specified why the doctor did not intradermal test anesthetic, although these drugs was specified penicillin, and its in most cases, a diluted solution of novocaine drug from the same group as lidocaine. Once the drug was introduced, the child has developed anaphylactic shock and pulmonary edema. Читать полностью -->

The bedside monitor MN-

The bedside monitor MN-Bedside portable monitor MN-01 flat colour electroluminescent screen and the ability to connect to the Central station. Manufacturer: Spiraled Country: Russia City: Moscow Price: $1600.0 The field of medicine: Bedside monitors You don't need to buy imported monitors for the following reasons: - components in MN the same as in the best imported monitors; - mass, dimensions, reliability and design at the level of the best foreign samples. - flat electroluminescent display with enhanced brightness used in the Datex monitors, Hewlett-Packard and other high-quality displays information and is completely harmless; - a set of parameters and functional capabilities meet modern requirements; - all information on the monitor and associated documentation is done in Russian, traditional for our health style; - use modular system allows the consumer to buy the model with minimal configuration with subsequent expansion of functions; repair of monitors is carried out promptly by replacing modules; - cost models NN 2-3 times lower than the cost of similar foreign monitors; - warranty 24 months (unlike most foreign monitors). Models of monitors MN: Model physiological functions and parameters ECG heart rate HELL To SpO2 MN-1 - - - MH01-2 - - MH01-3 - MN-4 - - The kit includes all necessary sensors, cuffs and reusable electrodes. Additionally You can order: module pneumogram to display the curve and the frequency of breathing (BH) - the batteries to ensure Autonomous operation of the monitor or work in the event of a power failure in the network - disposable ECG electrodes printer HP DeskJet420 (USA) with cable and interface - baby cuff for blood pressure measurement (Russia) - flexible Sp02 sensors Nonin USA: adult 8000J, - baby 8008J, - neonatal 8001J - additional cable with reusable electrodes and gel Specifications: ELECTROCARDIOGRAM and heart rate Leads I-II-III Sensitivity 5,10,20,50 mm/mV Protection against defibrillation Filter 50Hz The scan speed of 25, 50 mm/sec. Heart rate (HR) 15 to 250 beats/min BLOOD PRESSURE (BP) Method of removing non-invasive, oscillometric Programming of measurement intervals of 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes The range 40-250 mm RT. Читать полностью -->

a Deadly virus mutates?

a Deadly virus mutates?The group of patients with atypical pneumonia in Hong Kong demonstrated a very unusual symptoms, hovering specialists on the idea that the virus of this disease mutates. Doctors fear that this will lead to an increase in the severity of the disease. Now scientists are feverishly trying to figure out whether key genes recently isolated from diseased of coronaviruses some changes. The fact that changes in symptoms similar to those that occur in animals when mutate affecting their coronaviruses. Such changes may occur when changing the gene encoding the protein that creates the outer shell of coronavirus and simultaneously charge its penetration into tissue. Experiments with porcine coronaviruses showed that the change of the gene encoding this protein can not only lead to conversion of infections of the respiratory in the stomach, but also to increase the aggressiveness of the virus and to accelerate its reproduction. Читать полностью -->

Action "sport for chocolate" is not to everyone's taste

Action The British Council for the control of food quality has criticised Britain's biggest confectionery Corporation Cadbury. Accusations on the part of the Council caused the advertising campaign for Cadbury, which offers in exchange for chocolate sports equipment for schools. In order to get the equipment free of charge, children and adults should collect advertising image, which are hidden in the wrapper of the chocolate bar, the BBC reports. For the advertising campaign, Cadbury merged with the Foundation for the development of sport among young people. According to the proposed company and the Fund the scheme to get sports equipment, children and their parents should buy a total of 160 million bars of chocolate. According to the Council, this campaign is ridiculous, because if the kids will eat all those chocolates, they will account for nearly two million pounds of fat and more than $ 36 billion calories. Читать полностью -->

Mirror for ear

Mirror for earMirror for ear Ear cleaning is a simple lesson, but allowlocation. Moreover, fascinated by pointing sterility, you can injure narrow ear canals. The inventor of Oregon patented mirror, through which the process of cleaning the ears much easier. The invention much like a dentist tool - with two small round, movably fixed mirrors. While cleaning one mirror should be held close to the ear, and the second to adjust so that it was before his eyes. The idea occurred to Mr. Читать полностью -->

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