Similar to the insulin protein prolong human life by -%

Similar to the insulin protein prolong human life by -%Similar to the insulin protein prolong human life by 30-40% Boston geneticist Gary Ruvkun together with scientists at Harvard University have carried out the cloning of the gene Di-Hey-EF-2, regulate biorhythms small hookworm, round worm, barely visible to the naked eye. In the absence of food this gene includes biochemical mechanisms that dramatically slow your metabolism and lead the nematode in a passive state. Such adaptation to the adverse environment increases the lifespan of the worm thirty to forty percent. The protein encoded by the genome of Di-Hey-EF-2, turned out to be a close analogue of the protein, which serves as the insulin receptor in humans. This suggests that it is possible to increase the human life span by lowering the level of carbohydrate metabolism. The open group Ruvkun, published in the journal "science", can also help find new treatments for diabetes. Читать полностью -->

a Billion orgasms

a Billion orgasmsViagra is five years old. The blue pill has made a happier life 20 million men have had some problems with sex. Happier steel and shareholders of Pfizer, the us pharmaceutical company, which produces viagra: this year was a billionth of a tablet. The drug is sold in 120 countries, and in 2002 he brought revenue of $ 1.7 billion. Blue diamond covers the needs of 80% of the world market for anti-erectile dysfunction. But for the past few months in pharmacies, can be purchased new drugs such as cialis company Eli Lilly and Icos or levitra Bayer (last created in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline, called drug vivanza). Читать полностью -->


RosaceaROSACEA is a disease that occurs in middle and old age (more common in women) and characterized by the appearance on the face of small papulopustular rash on the background of diffuse erythema with telangiectasia. The etiology is unknown. The pathogenesis is associated with seborrhea, vegetative-vascular neurosis. Have a value of disorders of gastric secretion (usually ahilya), women also - ovarian dysfunction. Provoke annoying process external factors (sun, wind, frost, work in hot shops). The clinical picture. Читать полностью -->

Blood in Malawi stock vampires

Blood in Malawi stock vampiresBlood in Malawi stock vampires In one of the poorest countries in the world - Malawi - started serious unrest from spreading rumors about vampires who agree with the government on the supply of blood in exchange for food aid from international organizations. These rumors, acquiring incredible detail, threaten stability in the country and the activities of local government. It is reported that the rumors about the vampire attacks are circulating in some parts of the country, such as Mulanje (Mulanje), Thyolo (Thyolo), Chiradzulu (Chiradzulu and Blantyre (Blantyre), in the last three weeks. Many local residents, mostly women and children, willing to talk about how the vampires had made the attack. Some of the "bloodsuckers" it's already paid for. Last week in Thyolo, the area where the main industry is the cultivation of tea was stoned man accused of aiding and abetting the vampires. Читать полностью -->

the Teenager will make transplantation of stem cell on heart

 the Teenager will make transplantation of stem cell on heartDoctors from Michigan hope that transplantation of stem cells will help the boy to restore cardiac tissue damaged after his heart hit the nail of the pneumatic hammer. After the accident the teenager has undergone extensive heart attack, reports Reuters Health (New York). Stem cell was grown from his own blood boy, and then entered into the damaged part of the heart muscle by means of a catheter. A group of doctors at beaumont hospital (Royal Oak) announced the preliminary results of the operation. "If the recovery happens, then we will be able to watch it no earlier than 3 months," said Dr. Steven Timmis. Читать полностью -->

Created a special Commission to study the disease inhabitants Werblan

Created a special Commission to study the disease inhabitants WerblanThe Ministry of health of Ukraine created a special Commission to study diseases of the villagers of Varblane Lviv region. According to the press service of the Ministry of health, the Commission will have until 10 October to study the causes and the source of the disease inhabitants Werblan. The Commission is comprised of pediatricians, pediatric infectious disease specialists, experts on influenza and other highly infectious diseases, toxicologists and experts on issues of medico-ecological problems. In 15 patients was detected influenza virus, which gives grounds to assume that the mass disease was provoked by infection with influenza virus A. State administration Yavoriv district has allocated for carrying out anti-epidemic measures 5 thousand UAH, the Ministry of health of Ukraine allocated for the same purpose 150 thousand UAH. On October 3, in the settlements of Varblane, Cats and dubrovytsia found 330 people with the disease, including 286 children of school and preschool children and 44 adults. Читать полностью -->

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