Scientists have learned how to rejuvenate muscles

Scientists have learned how to rejuvenate musclesAmerican scientists have developed an original method of 'rejuvenation' of the muscles. By manipulating the substances that control the development and work of the muscular system, they were able to grow and adult mice muscles, no different from the muscle tissue of young individuals. In order to achieve the effect of 'rejuvenation' of the muscles, the researchers stimulated not by muscle cells and the so-called cell-satellites present in muscle tissue. Activation of these cells contributed to the recovery of muscle function, and accelerate their healing after injuries. . Читать полностью -->

Athlete's foot

Athlete's footWhat is the General characteristic of the disease? Athlete's foot or athlete's foot, is called interdigitale by Trichophyton. This is one of the most common, often chronic fungal disease, growing mainly in spring and summer when there are conditions for activation of the fungus (sweating and maceration of the skin). Predispose to the disease wearing a closed, poorly ventilated shoes (especially rubber), unhygienic content foot, diaper rash, abrasions of the skin, flat feet, diabetes, piodermity stop, etc. How do people become infected? Infection most often occurs in showers, baths, swimming pools, where sanitary code. It is also possible family infected by unsanitary content of the bath. It should be noted that sometimes, in spite of infected of the disease does not develop and the disease process is oligosymptomatic, erased or runs completely hidden (economicalto). Читать полностью -->

Passenger aircraft deprived of oxygen

Passenger aircraft deprived of oxygenBritish anesthesiologist Susan Humphreys of the Royal hospital in Belfast for the first time conducted a study of the oxygen level in the blood of passenger Airliners. The study involved 84 people at the age from one year to 78 years. It turned out that when the plane reaches cruising altitude, about half of the passengers with the same level of oxygen in the blood is reduced by 6% or more. In hospitals in such cases, prescribe supplemental oxygen. The reason for the reduction of oxygen is low air pressure in the cabin. It reduce in order to reduce the load on the airframe. Читать полностью -->

Scientists were able to extend the period of gestation

Scientists were able to extend the period of gestationAmerican researchers announced that they managed to extend the period of gestation mouse pups. Scientists believe that the same methodology, the same can be successfully applied to humans. The main percentage of the morbidity and mortality of newborns is defined by a group of premature infants. The researchers hope that their outdoor method will significantly reduce the mortality of premature infants. The female body during pregnancy produces the hormone progesterone, which prevents uterine contractions. Shortly before birth the effectiveness of hormone drops sharply. Читать полностью -->

SARS - the first epidemic of the XXI century

SARS - the first epidemic of the XXI centuryThe first global epidemic of the XXI century - characterizes SARS British Independent. Chinese hospital is surrounded by a police cordon, officials in Toronto hold an extraordinary session, and the heads of airlines discuss the multi-billion dollar losses from the collapse of international tourism, the newspaper writes. At the same time, emphasizes Independent, panic spreads as quickly as the virus that causes atypical pneumonia (SARS). Britain's chief medical officer of the country sir Liam Donaldson spoke against giving SARS status subject to registration diseases like cholera and smallpox. This, as explained to the Independent, gives the right medical authorities to detain people who suspect that they are infected with this virus. The publication presents a number of measures that take dominion of Canada, China, India, Singapore, in an effort to avoid mass distribution of atypical pneumonia. Читать полностью -->

Dorint Atlantic Palace

Dorint Atlantic PalaceDorint Atlantic Palace Medical center "Vital energy" at the DORINT ATLANTIC PALACE 5*luxe in Agadir offers various health and Wellness programs from 336.E. Treatment for adults and children ( rheumatism, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, skin and gynecological diseases ) at the thermal resort in Fes - from 6 days at 90.E.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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