Smoking increases the risk of multiple sclerosis

Smoking increases the risk of multiple sclerosisCompared with never Smoking, smokers have three times higher risk of developing multiple sclerosis. About this question at issue Neurology 28 October. Researchers at the University of Bergen (Norway) and Harvard University (Massachusetts, USA) from 1997 to 1999, he watched over 22 000 people aged 40-47 years. It was found that the risk of multiple sclerosis (MS) among smokers is much higher than those who had never smoked - in three times in men and doubled in women. It turned out that most of the 87 participants with MS had smoked an average of 15 years before the setting of this terrible diagnosis. Only 24% of never smokers, 76% had smoked in the past or continued to smoke and at the present time. Читать полностью -->

Working place How safe it is?

Working place How safe it is?Working place. How safe it is? Deaths at work more than on the roads. Every day in the workplace millions of people are injured, with irreversible consequences. Others lose health due to fatigue or due to exposure to harmful substances. Fatigue at work many employers require their employees high productivity. In Japan the term karoshi - death from overwork - was first used in a claim for compensation. Читать полностью -->

Who needs vitamins and minerals

Who needs vitamins and mineralsNeed them each. People who do not get enough of them, ill. Americans tend to believe that the deficiency leads to poor diet, but this statement is valid only for East Africa, Bangladesh and some other regions. The consequences of the traditional diets of many Americans (fast food, canned food, sweets, drinks, salty, too fatty and overcooked food) are most often associated with obesity: obesity, heart attacks, hypertension and damage to the teeth. However, occasionally, under certain circumstances, there is also a lack of some nutrients, which can be avoided by observing the basic rules and taking preventive measures. Low-calorie diet. Читать полностью -->

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