Demi Moore spent half a million on plastic surgery!

Demi Moore spent half a million on plastic surgery!Demi Moore spent half a million on plastic surgery! Hardly anyone would dispute the appeal and sexepil Hollywood actress demi Moore. In its 40 years, the star of 'Striptease' and 'Bring' looks amazing! Watching her body in 'Striptease' viewers could make sure that the breast actress unnatural and might look like the Breasts of women who gave birth three times?! According to reliable Western sources, ex-wife die hard prefers plastic surgery sports halls and diets. For stunning figure and beautiful eyes actress posted a total of about $ 400,000. So, three times a year demi Moore doing Botox injections to maintain the correct shape of the face to remove wrinkles appearing. Silicone implants, once made Breasts demi like balloons that have been recently replaced with implants medium size. Star repeatedly doing liposuction of abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Читать полностью -->

Women in the US are not allowed to buy pills next morning""

Women in the US are not allowed to buy pills next morningManagement food and drug administration (FDA) has decided not to allow for over-the-counter sales of the pill the next morning" - a means of emergency contraception that can be used after sexual intercourse. This decision was made, despite the recommendations of its own experts of the organization. The drug "Plan B", which refers to the FDA's decision, is manufactured by Barr Laboratories in new Jersey. The firm insisted that the greater availability of the drug in over-the-counter access will significantly reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies, because the technique is most effective within the first 24 hours. The drugs are based, essentially, on a higher dose of the hormone, which is found in regular oral contraceptive pills. Unlike other drugs "the next morning", such as RU-486, Plan B does not believe in causing the death of the embryo. Читать полностью -->

Products necessary for pregnant

Products necessary for pregnantWe consume proteins, fats and carbohydrates in different species that we found back in school and already forgot. Trying to go to the "balanced" power, let us remember, in what form and where are these fats, proteins and carbohydrates. "Science" all the products are divided into six groups: 1. Milk and dairy products. 2. Meat animals and poultry, fish and eggs. Читать полностью -->

Weightlessness developing creativity

Weightlessness developing creativityOn the eve of the Day of Astronautics group of filmmakers, artists and scientists from European countries will be in Star city, artistic and scientific experiment. As reported in the cosmonaut training Center named Y. A. Gagarin, from Monday until April 12, filmmakers, artists and scientists specializing in the field of space medicine, will test their creativity in a state of weightlessness, as well as at high overloads. In these conditions, they will try to create any works, and scientists will monitor the state of your own body and organisms subjects. "There is an assumption that in extreme conditions the creative individuals can receive extraordinary ideas to create works of art and artists is a special sense of color," he said in CTC. Читать полностью -->

Odesilatel medical OHM-

Odesilatel medical OHM-Odesilatel medical OHM-1 for aspiration of liquids, particles Thani and gases from the cavity during surgery, for aspiration of secretions from the airway during anesthesia. Manufacturer: Spiraled Country: Russia City: Moscow Price: 6700.0 R. The field of medicine: Surgical equipment Odesilatel medical is designed for aspiration of liquids, particles, tissues, and gases from surgical wounds and other cavities during operations, for aspiration of secretion from the respiratory tract during narcosis, respiratory paralysis and in the absence of the cough reflex. Odesilatel OHM-1: has a modern design; easy to operate easy to carry (apparatus and glass containers provided by the handle) silent in operation (due to the compressor with a set of antiphons). Recommended for use in clinics and hospitals in surgery, therapy, gynecology. Odesilatel provides: adjustment of the vacuum control switch indicator; remote switching of otsiatele foot pedal; adjustment of the flow of sucked liquid pen Speed suction when the suction fluid in the soft tissues, as well as the manipulation tip opening when the fluid is sucked from the cavity. Читать полностью -->

The Scots found gene's death

The Scots found gene's deathThe Scots found gene's death A group of Scottish scientists have found a gene, the study of which will contribute to a better understanding of the life cycle of cancer cells and the creation of medicines, which will help cancer patients. They assert that the detected DNA allows cancer cells to stay alive longer usually allocated time. Experts from Beatson Laboratories in Glasgow earlier found that the cells of cervical cancer cannot survive an unusually long time due to the absence of part of the chromosome. Now they were able to narrow the search to a small area in the fourth chromosome, where, obviously, are the genes responsible for programmed cell death is a process that supports the balance of the total number of cells. The study of genetic defects that allow you to survive cancer cells is an important step towards the creation of new methods of treatment based on the return of the tumor vulnerabilities of healthy tissue. The journalists said the head of research Ken Parkinson (Ken Parkinson, working in the framework of the programme Cancer Research UK. Читать полностью -->

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