With suspected SARS in Texas hospitalized people

With suspected SARS in Texas hospitalized  peopleAFB air force USA near the town of Evelyn in the state of Texas 9 people are quarantined in connection with suspected SARS. Among these people - six airmen and three members of their families. One of them was recently in Canada with a stop at the airport Ontario Toronto, where he was awarded the outbreak of SARS. He had discovered the symptoms of the common cold. Similar symptoms were also found in other, but now they feel better. The results of the analyses that will provide an opportunity to clarify the diagnosis, expected within a few days. Читать полностью -->


MeltwaterThose who suffer from headaches, hypertension, obesity, and anyone who wants to stay young and stay healthy, some nutritionists often recommend to drink the water from melted snow. This water (probably due to structural features) has amazing properties: thanks to her chickens give twice as many eggs, cows increase milk production. Apparently, the melt water not only improves the physical resources of the organism, but also slows down the aging process, preventing the decrease of water content in the cells, which usually occurs in old age. At your disposal a domestic refrigerator, where it's easy to obtain a sufficient amount of ice, which then can be easily turned into melt water. Do not use for getting snow melt water from the street, especially if you live in the city.. . Читать полностью -->

The Essence Of Hatha Yoga

The Essence Of Hatha YogaThe Essence Of Hatha Yoga The Hatha-yoga system of education of a healthy body and healthy psyche through exercise, relaxation, psychotherapy, diet and cleansing. Hatha yoga considers the following issues: 1) what mode should follow the person; 2) how to eat, work and relax; 3) how to train and harden the body thus to prevent various diseases and to promote treatment of diseases by simple means and in the shortest possible time. Hatha yoga is a system, which gives: 1) perfect health the absence of disease; 2) the harmonic development of the organism (body, mind, psyche); 3) management of all systems of the body and all organs body (full body control); 4) rejuvenation of the body; 5) moral and mental tranquility, calm nervous system; 6) produces great determination and confidence (teaches the everyday overcoming difficulties); 7) high vitality, vivacity, capacity for work; 8) good humor, cheerfulness. Hatha yoga gives a person a lot, but at the same time she requires him no less, and mainly: 1) self-discipline; 2) the systematicity; 3) moderation in all things.. . . Читать полностью -->

Sore throat

Sore throatAngina: it is an acute infectious disease, in which inflammation is mainly in the lymphoid tissue of the pharynx. "Angina" is also called acute pharyngitis, that is, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx. There are some differences in the manifestations of viral and bacterial (streptococcal) angina. If the cause of the disease is a virus, it usually begins gradually with increasing body temperature, malaise, lack of appetite and mildly painful sensations in the throat. Soreness of the throat reaches a maximum at 2-3 day ailments, but sometimes manifests itself immediately. The voice becomes hoarse, appear cough and runny nose. Читать полностью -->

Stress impairs memory

Stress impairs memoryAccording to the magazine "Family doctor", a person in a stressful situation, rapidly deteriorating memory. According to Russian scientists, it may be associated with changes in blood composition that occur during the release of stress hormones. It is not excluded that their contribution makes a small tonus of vessels of the brain, caused by excitement.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Pills kill libido

Pills kill libidoOral contraceptives lead to frigidity. According to American scientists, women for life to lose libido, even forever ceasing to drink tablets. Oral contraceptives, which should make women more freely, allowing them not to worry about possible pregnancy, and just happy to have sex, cause serious side effects. That birth control pills some time after the beginning of reception begin to suppress the libido, the doctors talked for a long time. Now, however, American scientists have found that passion tablets may disappear forever. Hormonal pills block the production of testosterone, which is actually responsible for sexuality in the male and in the female body. Читать полностью -->

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