Allocated $ million for research of the virus avian influenza

Allocated $ million for research of the virus avian influenzaChina allocates $12 million on research of the virus avian influenza. According to Chinese media, the allocated funds will be used to develop vaccines, technologies and products for rapid diagnosis of infection, the analysis of the virus and the study of its mutations, pathways. Meanwhile, in the country found a new potential disease site. 120 km from Beijing, in the seaside metropolis of Tianjin, the avian influenza virus supposedly detected on one of the local farms. DCL. . Читать полностью -->

Hugs favorite healthy

Hugs favorite healthyThe arms of loved ones is the source not only fun, but also health, say U.S. scientists. Researchers from North Carolina state University began to study what effect the arms of both sexes, taking as example 28 pairs. It turned out that hugs lead to an increase in the level of oxytoxin, a hormone that relieves depression and loneliness, as well as lowers blood pressure, i.e. it reduces the risk of heart disease. Thus, according to researchers in an article published by the journal "Psychosomatic medicine, women's blood pressure drops from embrace to a greater extent than men. Читать полностью -->

The life expectancy for men after the end of the era of socialism was reduced to years

The life expectancy for men after the end of the era of socialism was reduced to  yearsThe life expectancy for men after the end of the era of socialism was reduced to 5 years Life expectancy for Russian men was in Russia in 2000 to 59 years. Ten years earlier - before the collapse of the Soviet Union - they live on average 5 years longer. These are the results of a recent study of the extent and causes of reduced life expectancy, conducted by researchers at the Austrian research Institute IHS. Representative survey, which was attended by more than 18,000 adults, was conducted in 2001 in eight CIS countries - Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Ukraine. IHS is the coordinator of the project by order of the European Commission 11 institutes are working on a study of the crisis of the health system in the CIS States. Immediately after the collapse of the country, the life expectancy for men has quickly fallen to the lowest point, about 57 years of age, she reached in 1994, whereas the life expectancy of women has decreased only slightly - from 74 to 72 years. Читать полностью -->

Diseases and their origin from the point of view of astrology (infertility, bronchitis)

Diseases and their origin from the point of view of astrology (infertility, bronchitis)Diseases and their origin from the point of view of astrology (infertility, bronchitis) Infertility is temporary or permanent inability to have children. Blame can be man, woman or both partners. It is therefore necessary to study the horoscopes of both, to determine the cause and the possibility of its overcoming. (There are absolute infertility, when the body has an irreversible pathological condition and the pregnancy is excluded, and relative infertility. When the relative infertility causes can be eliminated. The causes of the disease can be pathological changes in the genital organs, in particular, inflammation, abnormal development of the sexual apparatus, hormonal disorders, deficiency of sperm, negative emotions that cause erectile dysfunction and ejaculation.) Usually prone to infertility occurs when the Sun and/or Saturn are weak signs and control V or XI house. Читать полностью -->

With suspected SARS in Texas hospitalized people

With suspected SARS in Texas hospitalized  peopleAFB air force USA near the town of Evelyn in the state of Texas 9 people are quarantined in connection with suspected SARS. Among these people - six airmen and three members of their families. One of them was recently in Canada with a stop at the airport Ontario Toronto, where he was awarded the outbreak of SARS. He had discovered the symptoms of the common cold. Similar symptoms were also found in other, but now they feel better. The results of the analyses that will provide an opportunity to clarify the diagnosis, expected within a few days. Читать полностью -->


MeltwaterThose who suffer from headaches, hypertension, obesity, and anyone who wants to stay young and stay healthy, some nutritionists often recommend to drink the water from melted snow. This water (probably due to structural features) has amazing properties: thanks to her chickens give twice as many eggs, cows increase milk production. Apparently, the melt water not only improves the physical resources of the organism, but also slows down the aging process, preventing the decrease of water content in the cells, which usually occurs in old age. At your disposal a domestic refrigerator, where it's easy to obtain a sufficient amount of ice, which then can be easily turned into melt water. Do not use for getting snow melt water from the street, especially if you live in the city.. . Читать полностью -->

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