Mysterious disease kills the elderly in Germany

Mysterious disease kills the elderly in GermanyMore than 25 people killed in Germany by a mysterious fever. As the correspondent of one of the German channels, since August is not identified until the disease has struck several dozen people, mostly in nursing homes. As stated, it is not associated with the extraordinary heat, established in large parts of Europe. The first death was registered on August 1, after which the outbreak was reported to the administration of nursing homes in the cities of Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe) and Darmstadt (Darmstadt), and also in one of the hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia. In all cases it was about the elderly or frail people in hospital outbreaks affected patients with diabetes. In Karlsruhe were 60 cases, of which lethal ended 15. Читать полностью -->

Diet cost of $ million

Diet cost of $  millionDiet cost of $ 50 million A resident of Manhattan recently filed a lawsuit against the food company in the amount of 50 000 000 dollars. 37-year-old journalist accused the firm producing cheese flakes of deceiving customers. Meredith Berkman argues that the fat and calories in the products manufactured by the company Pirate's Booty, does not correspond to the numbers listed on the product packaging. This discrepancy was the reason for filing the lawsuit against the company. In addition, the applicant stated that because of this, she gained a few pounds instead of losing weight. As reported by The New York Post, Meredith promised to donate the entire amount of the claim in the Institute of Nutrition. Читать полностью -->

When the barley

When the barleyHordeolum is an acute purulent limited inflammation of the eyelids. General treatment is aimed at strengthening the resilience of the body and involves taking natural vitamins (nettle, rose, currant, blueberry, strawberry, carrot, juice raw vegetables and fruits). With frequent exacerbations of the disease, it is advisable to take: Aloe juice (stimulator of the body): 1 teaspoon 2 times per day. The treatment of 20 days; The birch: 0.5 l per day (blood agent). Externally accept plants that provide antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing effect. Plantain - juice of fresh plants for lotions and washes. Читать полностью -->

Animals are capable of doubt

Animals are capable of doubtIt turns out the animals as well as people who are able to assess their capabilities and to determine whether they will be able to perform a specific task or not. This result came of American scientists, conducted a series of tests on a group of rhesus and one Dolphin. Their work, the researchers describe in the December issue of the journal Behaviour and Brain Sciences Until now, scientists assumed that the assessment of their own capabilities is the privilege of man. When a person demonstrates the uncertainty about what, does he have enough skills to accomplish any difficult task, is evidence of the existence of the so-called "meta-cognitive consciousness", i.e. the ability to think about oneself and about one's own capabilities and to consider these possibilities in a broader context. Until now, psychologists have assumed that animals are not capable of it, but were not sure until the end, because the animals could not Express may be available to them, doubt and uncertainty. Читать полностью -->

drug for the treatment of obesity has caused the death of people

drug for the treatment of obesity has caused the death of  peopleAn independent expert Commission for the protection of patients ' rights demanded to prohibit the use of a new drug for the treatment of obesity "meridia" production company "the Abbot laboratories". The reasons for such requirements is more than significant - according to the Commission, within 5 years since the release of the drug on the market, it became a cause of 124 cases of urgent hospitalization and 49 deaths, and more than half of the victims died at the age of 50 years. So far, neither representatives of the U.S. Department of drugs and food (FDA) nor the representatives of the company "Ebbor the laboratories" has not responded to the request of the Commission. AskDoctor. . Читать полностью -->

Hair removal for summer

Hair removal for summerHair removal for summer Summer is near, the time for vacations, beaches and bikinis. Only now most of us remembers having to take care of myself and my body. We begin to think about their figure, smooth legs, the skin is not only the face but the whole body. And it turns out that cosmetic problems is more than enough. One of the main unwanted hair. How to make hair removal - this article. Читать полностью -->

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