what can you tell us your teeth?

what can you tell us your teeth?Tells the doctor of medical Sciences, Professor of the Central research Institute of dentistry in Moscow Gennady Vladimirovich, PANCHENKO. - On any, even the most insignificant destruction of the tooth can determine which organ is not in order. The upper and lower incisors (1-2), for example, is judged on the condition of the kidneys, bladder, and, oddly enough, the ears. Fangs (3) "responsible" for the liver and gallbladder, molars (4-7) for the stomach, spleen, lungs, and so-called wisdom teeth can tell us about the state of the heart and small intestine. - Is it possible the nature of the damage to the tooth to determine which organ is sick and why? - Yes. Take, for example, pulpitis. Читать полностью -->

In the UK, the seized products with prohibited dye

In the UK, the seized products with prohibited dyeIn the day of the General parliamentary elections in great Britain withdrawn from sale of products containing prohibited dye. As reported on Thursday by the food standards Agency of the United Kingdom, 35 products containing potentially hazardous dye Para Red, were withdrawn from sale in the leading supermarkets in the country. "The risk from consumption of these products is very small, because the amount of dye Para Red in them is very small, but as a precaution I do not have", - said the Agency. Dye Para Red" chemical composition close to that of the colorant Sudan 1". Both are used in industry, but has been banned for use as food dyes. In February of this year, "Sudan 1 was detected in a number of sauces and semi-finished products, which were immediately withdrawn from sale across the UK. Читать полностью -->

The lovage - cough

The lovage - coughThe lovage - cough 20-30 grams of roots of lovage medicinal fill in 1 l of raw water, naparivajut night in the oven or a thermos in the morning boil for 5-7 minutes and again naparivajut 20 minutes Then strain and wring out. Drink throughout the day in 5 receptions.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

the Influence of Smoking on the development of breast cancer

 the Influence of Smoking on the development of breast cancerScientists have shown that Smoking increases the risk of developing breast cancer in women by 30%. Reggae Reinhold (California Department of Health Services, USA) and his team examined more than 100,000 California women. Each of the participating women, answered the question: whether it is active or normal passive smoker, or never smoked. It turned out that among women who participated in the survey for 5 years 2005 revealed cases of cancer of the breast. It turned out that among active smokers, the likelihood of developing breast cancer by 30% higher than among women who never smoked. The scientists also showed that among women who started Smoking at a young age, more than 5 years before the first pregnancy, and women with a great "experience" area is the probability of developing cancer increases. Читать полностью -->

pregnant Smokers should be assigned beta-carotene

pregnant Smokers should be assigned beta-caroteneCigarette Smoking during pregnancy contributes to the generation of a large number of oxidants and free radicals that damage cells. Vitamin A and its provitamin beta-carotene - natural factors that protect cells from damage by free oxygen radicals in pregnant women (Wiad. Lek., 2001). Vitamini.ru. . . Читать полностью -->

Flavored diet

Flavored dietFlavored diet According to the results of research in one of the medical centers, Chicago found that inhaling certain scents, you can get rid of hunger. You need to take a piece of banana, a slice of green Apple, a pinch of peppermint and vanilla, all of this is to warm the vegetable oil and inhale the vapours at the first feeling of hunger or 15 minutes before a meal. Appetite is markedly reduced or even eliminated. The original method can easily and without too much suffering to lose weight for six months about 12 kg, dropping to 2 kg per month. Source: Journal of Physical education and sport"". . Читать полностью -->

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