Amnestic (Korsakov) syndrome

Amnestic (Korsakov) syndromeAMNESTIC (KORSAKOV) SYNDROME is a psychiatric syndrome in which the leading place is occupied by memory disorders on current events. Occurs when organic brain damage caused by intoxication, injury, infections, alcohol polyneuritic psychosis (Korsakov psychosis), tumors, strokes. Patients do not remember the circumstances surrounding the parties, are not oriented in time and place, I do not remember with whom they spoke, what they did, but can you tell us about your involvement in the events that supposedly only what happened and which actually was not (confabulate). Externally, the behavior of patients ordered. Marked only the immobile, lack of initiative. The mood is often indifferent, sometimes reduced, with weakness, fatigue, irritability; in some cases complacent-elevated (euphoric). Читать полностью -->

Hormones do not have to drink for a long time

Hormones do not have to drink for a long timeTurkish doctors Fenkci V, Yilmazer M, Fenkci s decided to study the effects of a 3 month course of hormone replacement therapy on biochemical composition of bone in postmenopausal women. After the appointment of HRT were evaluated parameters such as the content of osteocalcin, calcium, phosphorus, alkaline phosphonate, creatinine in serum and urine before and after a course of HRT. The study found that the rate of bone formation increased. It means that we can recommend HRT even short-term courses for the prevention of osteoporosis. [] . . Читать полностью -->

why dizzy?

why dizzy?As demonstrated by scientists, dizziness can be caused by a huge number of reasons, and even computer tomography can, in some cases, to identify its causes. In some cases, vertigo is caused by impaired conduction of sensory signals from the body balance in the brain, the Central processing of sensory signals in the cortex. It can also be caused by asymmetrical conducting nerve fibers coming from the vestibular organs or asymmetric inclusion of vestibular nerve fibers in the Central nervous system. Dizziness can also be caused by a strong blow to the head, concussion of the brain. Currently, even with the help of methods of computer tomography difficult to determine whether a cause of vertigo shock or damage to the nerve pathways. According to the journal Academic Emergency Medicine (N 12, 2003), in the case of vertigo is not associated with concussion or injury to the organ of balance, the most difficult to determine its cause. Читать полностью -->

"Monkey" diet to fight cholesterol

Scientists have developed a vegetarian diet to protect the heart, which, according to them, is as effective as special drug that lowers cholesterol. According to canadian researchers, special vegetarian diet almost 29% lowers "bad" LDL cholesterol, which clogs arteries. The effect of this diet is comparable with the efficiency of standard anticholesterolemic of v drug lovastatin, which is typically discharged to the people in case of serious risk of developing the disease. Lovastatin reduces levels of LDL-cholesterol (low density lipoprotein) approximately 30.9 %. SuperCorona diet includes almonds, soybeans, cereals with high fiber content type oat grains and barley, as well as plant sterols contained in vegetables and fruits. Study leader Professor David Jenkins of the University of Toronto, says: "With age, as a rule, increases the level of cholesterol, which in turn increases the risk of developing heart disease. Читать полностью -->

Malignant tumors of the small intestine

Malignant tumors of the small intestineAre rare. Carcinoid is localized most frequently in the terminal ileum, is small in size, develops slowly. In the absence of secretion of serotonin clinical symptoms expressed little (diarrhea, weight loss). With increasing tumor gradually appear abdominal pain and symptoms of partial intestinal obstruction. The time from onset of symptoms before the diagnosis can be several years. Carcinoid syndrome, in addition to diarrhea, manifested by redness of the face and torso, a high content in urine 5-treated acid. Читать полностью -->

All about Ayurveda

All about AyurvedaAll about Ayurveda Ayurveda is the science comprehensive, complete, is the SCIENCE OF LIFE. Take a look around yourself. Everything You see exists according to the laws described in Ayurveda: a gust of wind, the morning fog, the trees and grass, rain, sun and Polevaya liver. All this manifestation of life and all that is Ayurveda. Man is part of nature and everything in it must be balanced, normalized with trebovaniyam nature. Mighty forces created when the whole world exist in every person and in all of its surrounding world. Читать полностью -->

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