-year-old mother stole her baby from the hospital

-year-old mother stole her baby from the hospitalThe story of 11-year-old girl Wali, which is July 8, gave birth to a daughter again turned into a scandal. In a day when doctors decided to discharge, new mother stole her baby from the Moscow hospital. After another hysteria, which made the youngest mother Russia in the walls of the hospital, chief doctor of the hospital decided to write it in the Morozov hospital: "I don't want to sit down because of your scandals and infighting in prison, so tomorrow you write, and understand yourself, how you want to.". . . . Читать полностью -->

The Sklifosovsky Institute was charged with the trade of donor organs

The Sklifosovsky Institute was charged with the trade of donor organsThe Sklifosovsky Institute was charged with the trade of donor organs Scientific research Institute of emergency care named after N. Century Sklifosovsky filed in the Savelovsky intermunicipal court of the capital of the suit about protection of business reputation against the newspaper "Day". According to the lawyer Igor Artech, the reason for the suit was the article "the Factory of death on behalf of sclip", published on 23 October, reports RIA "Novosti". In the material without the signature contained a number of allegations against Sri. In particular, it was argued that the institution allegedly "put on the thread supply American medical centers donor materials extracted from the bodies of patients." Sharp criticism was subjected to the work of the office of liver transplantation, as well as working at the research Institute staff. So, the article said that in recent years Institue cases of medical errors and increased mortality. Читать полностью -->

high-Tech aircraft check passengers for SARS

high-Tech aircraft check passengers for SARSAll passengers arriving at the airport of Singapore from Hong Kong and southern provinces of China, special sensors check the body temperature immediately upon leaving the aircraft, Reuters reported. This measure was adopted to identify the passengers SARS, a symptom of which is the increase of temperature. Infrared temperature sensors (Infrared Fever Screening System) was originally developed for the needs of the military. This apparatus was developed by Singapore Technologies have proved suitable for measuring body temperature coming out of the plane passengers. According to a representative of the Department of civil aviation authority of Singapore albert Tsona (Albert Tjoeng), the innovation does not slow down the operation of the airport. "If you pass through the sensor when you have a fever, just a red light," he said. Читать полностью -->

In the Amur region have taken measures to counter the penetration of FMD

In the Amur region have taken measures to counter the penetration of FMDIn the Amur region have taken measures to counter the penetration from China foot and mouth disease and other acute infectious diseases of farm animals and birds. As reported in the press service of the government of Khabarovsk Krai, strengthening of sanitary norms caused by the deterioration of the epizootic situation with these infections in contiguous with the Russian Far East regions of China that poses a real threat of introduction of infectious diseases on the territory of Khabarovsk Krai. In the resolution, signed by the Governor Victor Ishaev, the relevant ministries are obliged to organize training activities on the prevention and eradication of animal diseases, their treatment, protection against diseases common to man and animals. The Department of internal Affairs, Khabarovsk Krai given the task to ensure the inspection of vehicles transporting livestock cargoes on the territory of China and neighboring Russian territories. RIA "Novosti"". . Читать полностью -->

How much you need to sleep to stay healthy?

How much you need to sleep to stay healthy?How much you need to sleep to stay healthy? *199r*Infinite takes the whole day. Social life takes a whole evening. Personal life takes up the whole night: During the day can do a lot. Not only to sleep. And want to stay healthy. So how much time you should spend in an unconscious state, indulging in the most accessible of human pleasures to health has not suffered? In Russia, according to VTSIOM, the majority of Russians sleeps eight hours a day, weekends - nine. Читать полностью -->

Treatment of bloat will cost $ million

Treatment of bloat will cost $  millionPatrick Duel of Nebraska in its 42 years weighed nearly half a ton - 482 kg of It for seven years did not go out of the house, could not move, and weigh it had on the scales, designed for cattle. Patrick and his wife tried to seek medical help in his native Nebraska, but the clinic was denied him because of the high cost of treatment. Finally for his treatment took doctors hospital Avera McKennan in North Dakota. "If we had not helped in time, he would have been dead already," says doctor Patrick Fred Harris. The patient did not fit into the standard "ambulance", and he had to drive the vehicles from the neighboring state. While in the hospital he was put on two beds put together. Читать полностью -->

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