pain Relief should be included in the list of human rights

pain Relief should be included in the list of human rights11 October 2004 marked the first world day against pain (Global Day Against Pain), organized by the International Association for the study of pain (International Association on the Study of Pain), the Federation of European heads of departments IASP (European Federation of the IASP Chapters) and the world health organization (World Health Organisation). Representatives of these organizations has issued a Declaration proposing the relief of human suffering from pain in the list of basic human rights. This is a big problem. All over the world a huge number of people suffering from pain, including patients, patients with cancer and AIDS. But not all of them can gain access to pain medications. Owing to the poverty of those or other countries, and due to various legal restrictions governing the treatment of potent drugs drugs. Читать полностью -->

manufacturers of baby food sued

manufacturers of baby food suedNational Association for genetic security of the Russian Federation submitted to the Prosecutor's office of Moscow's claim for criminal charges against executives Nestle, Semper, Valio, Kolinska and Gerber for the use of transgenic components in baby food. Conducted by the Association in may of studies of Russian and foreign baby food showed that in 9 out of 14 selected samples of the most popular brands on the market the content of genetically modified ingredients (GMO) ranged from 50 to 100 percent. Almost 100 percent of GMI was detected in the dry nutrient mixture Alfare (Nestle), puree Corn with potatoes" (Semper), in the dry milk mixture Tutelli (Valio) in a child's porridge Bebi (Kolinska). When this label was completely absent information about the presence of transgenes. "All of these components far exceed the current threshold of 5 percent, requiring mandatory labeling of products containing genetically modified sources, - said the President of the National Association for genetic security Alexander Baranov. "Based on these results, we already made a claim in the Moscow Prosecutor's office to initiate criminal proceedings under article 238 of the Criminal code". Читать полностью -->

The next battle with paracetamol

The next battle with paracetamolThe next battle with paracetamol Many people believe that the paracetamol is one of the safest drugs. This was facilitated by an active PR campaign against funds on the basis of aspirin and aspirin. However, many studies have doctors all over the world razvenchivaet the myth of the safety of paracetamol. First, even exceeding the dose to 2 times can cause severe poisoning, secondly, paracetamol has a destructive effect on the liver. In the UK around 30 thousand people annually receive chronic liver disease due to regular intake of paracetamol. Especially dangerous is the remedy for people who abuse alcohol. Читать полностью -->

In the United States disappeared from the laboratory mouse, infected with the plague

In the United States disappeared from the laboratory mouse, infected with the plagueIn the United States from research lab lost three mice infected with bubonic plague. Rodents, presumably disappeared about two weeks ago. On Thursday, September 15, informed the American authorities, assuring that has already started the search. The animals are gone from the Institute of public health at the University of medicine and dentistry of new Jersey. This Institute conducts research on bioterrorism by the government. Officials have already stated that mice may never find it. Читать полностью -->

Scottish power will teach prisoners to drugs

Scottish power will teach prisoners to drugsScottish power will teach prisoners to drugs In Scotland the prisoners coming out of prison, will plant drugs for their own safety. This good thing the authorities are going to do in connection with the increasing incidence of death just liberated people from overdose. So, in 1999, 15 former prisoners died from an overdose of heavy drug use within two weeks after release. Deputy Minister of justice Richard Simpson (Richard Simpson) said: "If there is so many deaths, we are obliged to do something". According to him, for a program called Retox will be selected only a very small percentage of former addicts who not once leaving prison, put his life in danger due to overdose of drugs. "We know that drug users leaving prison, very risk overdose if I go back to the usual form of drug administration. Читать полностью -->

Italians can now quickly determine paternity

Italians can now quickly determine paternityIn Italy sale device that allows you to quickly determine paternity. Sellers argue that in 99.9% of cases it guarantees the correct result. The cost is 700 euros. "The father set" consists of two tampons, plastic bag and handbags. Swabs used to collect the saliva of the child and the alleged father. The swabs are placed in a plastic bag and handbag, which should be sent to the manufacturer. Читать полностью -->

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