Women taking contraceptives, still pregnant

Women taking contraceptives, still pregnantIn the published study claims that many women who, presumably, effective contraceptives, pregnant. The researchers found, in particular, that in France, two-thirds of unplanned pregnancies occurred among those who used contraceptives. One-fifth of unplanned pregnancies occurred in women taking the pill, and one-tenth of those who used barrier contraceptives. The level of contraceptive use in France is the highest in Europe, but the researchers believe that their findings are applicable to all of Western Europe. Dr. Natalie Bao and her colleagues at the French national medical research Institute Inserm examined 2863 women. Читать полностью -->

Benign tumors in the testicles

Benign tumors in the testiclesVaricose veins of the spermatic cord. It is unlikely that you will confuse this bulging varicose veins in the upper part of the testicle (usually the left) with a solid mass, but it could happen. Bloating is formed in the veins, caused by high pressure, and can dramatically decrease or disappear if you take a horizontal position. The hydrocele. Often accumulates in the scrotum liquid, forming a solid rounded education located separately from the testicles and in front of him; a large hydrops may surround the egg completely. These formations are harmless, but the diagnosis should be confirmed by a doctor, because bubbles sometimes conceal under a tumor. Читать полностью -->

List of free medicines will grow times

List of free medicines will grow  timesIn 2005, the list of medicines available for preferential categories of Russians will grow by 4-6 times. This from the Federal budget will be spent over 50 billion rubles. Now "free" are about 200-400 drugs (the exact list depends on the region). The new list will include up to 2 thousand products, both domestic and foreign production. Recall that the list of discounted medicines is adjusted annually. KM.RU: Health. Читать полностью -->

Skin normal

Skin normalThis skin type is relatively rare and, as a rule, young people. The average age of the normal skin have only 6-8% of adult women. This skin is full of advantages, natural acid mantle, sebaceous glands and circulation function perfectly, normal skin clean, elastic, stretched, without red spots or inflamed areas. First wrinkles on the skin appear only after 35 years. Basic care for normal skin In the morning, clean the skin with water, foam or baby soap Among young people, the soap is very popular cleanser. For normal skin, it is quite suitable. Читать полностью -->

Monkey infect people with a virus similar to HIV

Monkey infect people with a virus similar to HIVMany residents of Central Africa in recent years, contracted spumaviruses monkeys, reports BBC News. This microorganism belongs to the family of retroviruses and is similar to the causative agent of AIDS. Although the impact of this virus on the human body are not fully understood, scientists are wary of the fact that he got into the human population in the same way as HIV: during the hunting of primates. The study, conducted by experts of the American Johns Hopkins University (Johns Hopkins University), showed that among the inhabitants of the African villages more than half in contact with the blood of slaughtered monkeys misuse while hunting or cooking meat animals. If such contact possible transmission of AIDS or new spumavirus. Researchers believe that spumavirus the virus could mutate into a rather dangerous for a human pathogen. Читать полностью -->

Products that will help You to keep health

Products that will help You to keep healthProducts that will help You to keep health Most fish contains a large number of acids, which help the human body to function properly. It is believed that if you eat a serving of any fish twice a week may reduce blood pressure, reduce the symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism and eczema, as well as to fight stress and enhance sexuality. All green vegetables are rich in iron and vitamins of group B. broccoli contains in addition a large number of vitamins E and C, as well as natural chemical elements. Studies conducted in the Mediterranean countries, showed that people whose diet contains large amounts of vegetables (especially broccoli), rarely suffer from cancer. In the spring, when the acidification of the blood from meat and fish products, there is a lack of vitamins and mineral salts, it is advisable to eat wild edible herbs. Читать полностью -->

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