Entered into force new hygienic requirements for schools of Russia

Entered into force new hygienic requirements for schools of RussiaToday take effect "Hygienic requirements to the learning environment in secondary schools". Previous requirements were developed by the state sanitary and epidemiological supervision in 1999 and ceased to be in force. As explained by the representative of the state sanitary and epidemiological supervision, "the new requirements are not written from scratch, they contain additions and corrections and, unlike the old, registered in 2002 by the Ministry of justice of Russia". The text of the new requirements for state schools already sold in bookstores. Requirements schools are clearly defined and clarified the conditions under which to teach first graders, specified hourly teaching load at each subsequent stage of training, the updated time on school change and rest. Given the size of the space for classrooms, specified recommendations for lighting and painting of the premises. Читать полностью -->

Gerontologists promise to prolong human life to years

Gerontologists promise to prolong human life to  yearsGerontologists promise to prolong human life to 240 years In addition to the legendary charm, elegance, charm, wit, ingenuity, French distinguishes one distinct advantage - they are European Champions in terms of longevity. Their life expectancy has passed for 82 years longer in the world live only Japanese women, while the French by as much as 7 years behind his weaker sex. Today a number of hundred years in this country is approaching 10 thousand, and in 2050 there will be 150 thousand. According to the projections, each of the second French woman, born in the third Millennium, will cross the century mark. Country of centenarians, France has given the world a galaxy of well-known scientists in the area of gerontology. One of the biggest experts in this area - Professor franГ§oise Foret, who is the Director of the National center for gerontology and the head of service geriatric clinic Paris hospital Broca. Читать полностью -->

to Separate Siamese twins prevent SARS

to Separate Siamese twins prevent SARSConjoined twin girls from Iran - Lale and Incense Bijani, which are located in one of the health centres in Singapore, looking forward to the recession, the SARS epidemic in the region to start the operation of their division. As reported by the TV company "Seda VA SIMA", after one or two months will begin an unprecedented complexity of the operation to separate the twins. "Despite the difficulties, our doctors found the best method of operation, which will be completed in several stages," said Lale and Incense. The beginning of the gradual operation is delayed due to the spread in the region of the SARS epidemic. Three months ago the Singapore doctors doubted the success of the operation. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that Lala and Frankincense two independent brains in one skull. Читать полностью -->

Laser removal of spider vessels

Laser removal of spider vesselsFishnet red or blue blood vessels on the face (telangiectasia) may appear in many people due to a number of reasons. The main causes are excessive passion sun tanning,sauna, frostbite of the skin and, especially, genetic predisposition. Alcohol abuse may also play a role, although the "red nose" can be a person, not drinking alcoholic beverages. The mesh of vessels in the legs appears and the very young women after childbirth, and people of older age due to impaired patency of the veins. Some people diseased vessels form not mesh, and solid red or Burgundy stain. This pathology is called "wine stain". Читать полностью -->

Selectoptions-hypochondriac syndrome

Selectoptions-hypochondriac syndromeSELECTOPTIONS-HYPOCHONDRIAC SYNDROME observed in neurosis, personality disorder, schizophrenia, organic diseases of the Central nervous system, as well as various depressions. Hypochondria is manifested by excessive attention to their health concern even small ailments or conviction in the presence of severe disease, disorders of the bodily sphere. Hypochondria is often combined with raznoobraznymi extremely unpleasant sensations - senectutem. In some cases cenesthopathic dominate the clinical picture, representing an independent syndrome. Psychopathological structure hypochondriacal conditions are different. When obsessive hypochondria is dominated by worrying concerns about the presence of any disease (cardiophobia, cancerophobia, fear of some unrecognized disease), combined with the massive vegetative symptoms, alyami, tremor, chills, fainting. Читать полностью -->

The study will allow scientists to create a safe means of anaesthesia

The study will allow scientists to create a safe means of anaesthesiaThe study will allow scientists to create a safe means of anaesthesia Group nick Franks from Imperial College tried to understand the principle of the most popular drugs for anaesthesia - the so-called General anaesthetics. It is known that drugs act on receptors of the neurotransmitter GABA, a small molecule, which serves as a "switch" of neurons. According to the prevailing hypothesis, drugs opisthocoelous" parts of the brain that control sleep, and first - neural complex TMN, and cause something like sleep without dreams. To check whether TMN - the main targets of General anesthetics, Franks and his colleagues have conducted numerous experiments, in various ways, causing the mice to the state of narcosis. In addition, scientists have tried to find out how the anesthesia is different from natural sleep. Scientists have confirmed the hypothesis and simultaneously received new information about the neurophysiological mechanisms of sleep and anesthesia. Читать полностью -->

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