Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuliLapis lazuli *33r*This stone is unusual, ciause blue. In the fields it is often found together with malachite. Lapis lazuli is able to open the door for us into the world of spirituality. If during meditation it is placed on the Third eye area, lapis lazuli promotes deep understanding of the essence of things. Lapis lazuli enhances the ability to concentrate and contributes to a more conscious life. It cleanses the aura of the past, outdated layers. Читать полностью -->


GiardiasisGIARDIASIS - Giardia infestation occurring in the form of bowel dysfunction or as an asymptomatic parasitologist. Source of infestation is the only man. Etiology, pathogenesis. Pathogen - Giardia; is the simplest. Exists in the form of vegetative and tsistnoy stages of development. Giardia vegetative stage, pear-shaped, length 8-18 Ојm, the width of 5-7 microns, has four pairs of flagella and passively disk. Читать полностью -->

Scientists have found a gene responsible for the development of osteoporosis

Scientists have found a gene responsible for the development of osteoporosisAmerican scientists have found a gene, which presumably indicates a person's susceptibility to osteoporosis. This gene was named Alox15. According to the journal Nature, the discovery made by scientists from the University of science and health in Oregon. The team of scientists, led by Dr. Richard Klein managed to mice that lack this gene. In these mice, the risk of developing osteoporosis was much smaller. Читать полностью -->

Vascular disease and aging are linked through genes

Vascular disease and aging are linked through genesNew research aimed at finding specific genes, the changes that occur with aging that will allow another to identify the reasons for the development of vascular diseases and take appropriate action against them. To vascular diseases are disorders in our main blood vessels - arteries and veins. When the three most common types of vascular diseases of the infringed work: carotid artery, aorta and peripheral blood flow, and aging is the main risk factor for their occurrence. Recent studies show that the pathological changes in these vessels not only predispose to disease, but also harm the overall immune system of the body. Other studies have shown a progressive increase in oxidative reactions, activation of inflammatory mediators (molecules, which are able to react with specific receptors on the cell membrane and alter its permeability to certain ions), and increased endothelioma dysfunction in humans and animals, on the background of the above-mentioned changes in the normal operation of vessels. And yet, vascular disorders in humans and some rodent species show varying degrees of "physiological aging" when compared to their chronological age, which leads to the proposal that the influence of genetic factor in the aging process. Читать полностью -->

Disease prevention the hands of computer users

Disease prevention the hands of computer usersDisease prevention the hands of computer users *173r*Most diseases, as is well known, it is easier to prevent than to spend money on their treatment. The result is not guaranteed, even if you vbwhite a fortune in the purchase of medicines. The purpose of my article is not to scare readers the consequences of terrible diseases, and to help maintain their health. Because in the world there are many diseases for which it is hard to protect. So why expose yourself to additional risk, if it can be avoided. Today we will talk about tunnel syndrome, wrist, one of the typical computer user diseases. Читать полностью -->

Census showed that Russians aged

 Census showed that Russians agedThe Russian government has reviewed the final results of the population census. Chairman of the state statistics Committee Vladimir Sokolin told the Ministers that in 2002 in the country permanently resided 145.2 million people, 1.8 million less than at the time of the last census conducted in 1989. Moreover, as noted Sokolin, the number of population decreased by 1.6 million, and rural residents - a mere 200 thousand However, in the report of the state statistics Committee notes that over the past 13 years in Russia were officially removed from the list of 11 thousand villages. Besides, there are 13 thousand villages, where no one lives. Statistics show that people from small villages (population 11-50 people) move to larger settlements. So, by the way, and the number of villages in which there are less than ten people, has increased by as much as 4 thousand mainly this dying village in which live some old people. Читать полностью -->

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