Chewing gum is actually treated?

Chewing gum is actually treated?Chewing gum, with varying degrees of success, 'which protects from caries' or 'refreshing breath', has become a attribute of modernity, like hot dogs or McDonalds. Not all doctors have recognized their usefulness for health v in recent years has accumulated a lot of information about the connection of mastication with the development of digestive disorders and many pathologies such as chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer. However, there is evidence of actually 'therapeutic' effect of chewing gum. So, English scientists from king's College London conducted a small study to examine the relationship between the use of chewing gum and severity of reflux esophagitis v chronic inflammatory diseases of the esophagus associated with the failure of the cardia of the stomach and periodic transitions of acidic gastric contents into the esophagus. Interviewing 21 patients reflux esophagitis, during the month every other day for 30 minutes chewed after eating, chewing gum, they found that chewing actually reduces the severity of symptoms. In addition, after chewing patients had decreased levels of acidity in the esophagus, that is, the elimination of the main etiological factor for reflux esophagitis. Scientists have suggested that the positive effect of chewing gum at reflux esophagitis is associated with the secretion of saliva in response to chewing movements. Saliva, having an alkaline reaction, partially neutralizes falling into the esophagus acidic contents of the stomach, providing, thus, a protective effect. It should be noted that the reliability of the results of this study from the point of view of statistics is not very high. In addition, partly related to the study of the costs were paid by the company 'Wrigley'. Meductic.

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