The etiology or causes of acne

The etiology or causes of acneThe etiology or causes of acne 1. Hyperkeratosis (excessive keratinization of the skin); violation processes rogoveanu often associated with deficiency of vitamin a and vitamin C. 2. The imbalance of lipids (fats) is often associated with errors in the diet (food, rich in fats and digestible carbohydrates, low in fibre, protein and vitamins), indigestion, changes in the function of endocrine glands (pituitary, parathyroid, adrenal cortex). 3. Increased activity of the sebaceous glands; it is often associated with an excess of male hormones - androgens; hypersecretion of sebaceous glands can be observed if the content of androgens in the blood is normal, it is associated with increased sensitivity of their sexual hormones. 4. Inflammation "acne" causes the normal microflora of the human skin; promotes inflammation increase in oil secretion and changes in the chemical composition of sebum, there is also increased individual susceptibility to microbes. In addition, germs love to attack people with a high content of glucose in the blood (diabetic or just lovers of sweet and starchy foods). 5. Genetic predisposition genes.. what can I say! Source: The Thermometer.Ru.

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