The terrorist attack in Moscow will lead to a wave of suicides

The terrorist attack in Moscow will lead to a wave of suicidesThe terrorist attack in Moscow will lead to a wave of suicides In connection with the terrorist act in Moscow at least 10 percent of the population can seek psychological counseling, the Director of the Institute. Serbian Tatiana Dmitrieva. Dmitrieva stressed the need for weekly medical supervision of the hostages and their relatives. 'None of the hostage should not refuse medical care', she said and added that already have attempted suicide among the hostages and their relatives. She reported that daily 100-200 people turn on the hot line psychological care, acting in the Institute. At the same time, said Dmitrieva, psychological help need people who watched the tragic events in Moscow through the media, the so-called 'secondary victims'. Among them, the stress will affect every fifth person. According to experts, after a few years of post traumatic stress disorder will occur in people who experience an emergency situation, in particular, 5 percent of children and 10 to 20 percent of adults. In General, Dmitrieva evaluated the behavior of the hostages as an ideal, helped in many ways that terrorists are not divided by age and sex. As explained in an interview with RIA Novosti on Thursday, chief physician of the hospital ? 7 Vyacheslav Afanasiev, due to the fact that many of the former hostages observed 'pronounced asthenic syndrome - apathy to life'. According to the doctor, this was due to the shock at the tragic days, when during a performance of 'Nord-OST' terrorists took hostages in the Theater center on Dubrovka. To the extract, while none of the 50 undergoing treatment in the 7th hospital former hostages are not prepared. 'To date, all patients have not yet recovered from the shock, but seriously ill in my hospital already there," he said Afanasiev. He said that among the patients of the former hostages in the hospital ? 7 is only one foreigner is a citizen of Ukraine, children do not. Source:

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