the Pentagon has decided to make bullets environmentally friendly

the Pentagon has decided to make bullets environmentally friendly The Pentagon spends millions of dollars on the development of "green" bullets that do not contain lead. They will continue to kill, but the environment will not suffer so much. "Lead bullets harm to the health and safety of people," said Bob Dee Michel, spokesman for the environmental center U.S. army. - We need to pay someone who will clean the bullets from lead. The Pentagon pays $ 5 million (3.2 million pounds) in Minnesota company Alliant, the world's largest manufacturer of ammunition for the development of lead-free bullets. This year the company received from the U.S. air force contract for $ 25 million for the development of the bullets out of copper polymer, which is not ricochet, if you shoot in the city. Ground forces have bullets without lead in landfills. New bullet will be applied in combat. "We want Alliant has developed a standardized bullet lead-free," said di Michele. - We are talking about "green" ammunition for pistols, rifles and machine guns". Vice President Alliant mark de young said that to find free of lead-free alternative is not easy. "It's hard to make a good bullet lead-free," he said. - That is, not a good thing. If the lead was not toxic, and talk would be about. Better than him none.".

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