Americans have developed a cure for anthrax

Americans have developed a cure for anthraxA group of American scientists managed to create a new cure for anthrax, differing from the previous high efficiency and relative cheapness. A new tool, created on the basis of highly specific antibodies that can bind bacteria anthrax and their waste products in the body. The developers suggest that the new drug is able to neutralize the germs of anthrax in a human body at any stage of the disease. The currently used tools are able to stop anthrax only in the early stages. More importantly, the new antibody is able to completely destroy the bacteria of anthrax in the affected body without the aid of antibiotics. The results of the previous developments were effective only in combination with antibiotics. According to one of the project participants Jan Patterson, the researchers did not rule out the emergence of a strain of anthrax that is resistant to antibiotics, and the U.S. secret service, seriously feared attempts by terrorist groups to acquire it. In addition, previously used to treat anthrax biologically active substances developed in the laboratory on the basis of cultures of mammalian cells, which significantly increased their cost. New antibodies are produced cheaper bacterial cells.

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