Light in the night - salvation for diabetics

Light in the night - salvation for diabeticsLight in the night - salvation for diabetics Perhaps for people suffering from diabetes will reduce the risk of a sharp deterioration or even loss of vision in a very simple way, leaving beside the bed and lit the lamp. People with type II diabetes usually have poor circulation in the retina - the retina, which often leads to irreversible processes, leading to loss of vision. Recent studies show that constant stimulation of the retina using light source during night sleep enough to maintain the blood circulation in the retina. Scientists from the University of Cardiff tested their theory in practice and published research results in the journal the Lancet. They, in particular, found that the oxygen level in the eyes of diabetics falls, mainly when they adaptiruyetsya to the darkness. As noted by one of the researchers Neville Drasdo: "the Light that penetrates to the retina through closed eyelids, enough to resist the adaptation to the dark.".

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