Entered into force new hygienic requirements for schools of Russia

Entered into force new hygienic requirements for schools of RussiaToday take effect "Hygienic requirements to the learning environment in secondary schools". Previous requirements were developed by the state sanitary and epidemiological supervision in 1999 and ceased to be in force. As explained by the representative of the state sanitary and epidemiological supervision, "the new requirements are not written from scratch, they contain additions and corrections and, unlike the old, registered in 2002 by the Ministry of justice of Russia". The text of the new requirements for state schools already sold in bookstores. Requirements schools are clearly defined and clarified the conditions under which to teach first graders, specified hourly teaching load at each subsequent stage of training, the updated time on school change and rest. Given the size of the space for classrooms, specified recommendations for lighting and painting of the premises. So, starting this year, schools in every town and village should be no more than three floors, each class should not be trained more than 25 people. Course load for first graders should be no more than 20 hours per week recommended throughout the year do not set homework and not to put down estimates. Have students work week shall consist of 33-36 hours per week and evenly distributed. The document says that in the 5-11 grades of the most difficult lessons should be conducted on Tuesday and Thursday, and Wednesday should be made more lightweight day. A special place in the new requirements given physical exercises in order to relieve mental and physical stress from classes, provides specific recommendations on how to conduct these lessons and exercises for "sports moments" during a lesson. Stricter requirements for state nutrition units and their employees. Provides a list of products that are prohibited in the diet of schoolchildren. Thus, schools may not be sold and to feed the children deep fried pies and doughnuts, pancakes with meat and pasta nautically that have not undergone heat treatment peas and other products. Smoking some dairy products that represent a health hazard due to possible poisoning. The SES said that the inspection of all schools in Russia sanitary readiness for the new academic year was conducted in accordance with the new requirements. The result of this test the condition of the schools to the beginning of the school year "reduced to normal", said the state Sanitary and epidemiological supervision. "Most schools are ready to start the learning process, and those violations that remained in some schools may not lead to a sharp deterioration in the health of schoolchildren," said a source in the state Sanitary and epidemiological supervision. RIA "Novosti"".

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