Gerontologists promise to prolong human life to years

Gerontologists promise to prolong human life to  yearsGerontologists promise to prolong human life to 240 years In addition to the legendary charm, elegance, charm, wit, ingenuity, French distinguishes one distinct advantage - they are European Champions in terms of longevity. Their life expectancy has passed for 82 years longer in the world live only Japanese women, while the French by as much as 7 years behind his weaker sex. Today a number of hundred years in this country is approaching 10 thousand, and in 2050 there will be 150 thousand. According to the projections, each of the second French woman, born in the third Millennium, will cross the century mark. Country of centenarians, France has given the world a galaxy of well-known scientists in the area of gerontology. One of the biggest experts in this area - Professor françoise Foret, who is the Director of the National center for gerontology and the head of service geriatric clinic Paris hospital Broca. From under her pen has published more than 230 scientific papers, including the book "Gerontological revolution". As suggested by the Professor, after some time using genetic intervention can be double the maximum duration of a person's life. If it is now, say, 120 years, it will reach 240. But this is not the aim of modern gerontology. It aims at increasing life expectancy to make the aging process took place under the best possible conditions while maintaining health and performance. There are three types of aging, one of which is pathological-related diseases. To him humanity has been able to significantly impact the prevention of diseases. The other type of aging - physiological, which occurs independently of ailments: the eyesight to see, hear, weakening his muscles and stuff. Scientists gerontologists are trying to affect these processes, making this area the first steps. Finally, the third type of aging occurs at the cell level, where the word should say representatives of fundamental Sciences. They should determine whether it is possible to "repair" the DNA. Source:Solvay-Pharma and Madlena.Ru.

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