to Separate Siamese twins prevent SARS

to Separate Siamese twins prevent SARSConjoined twin girls from Iran - Lale and Incense Bijani, which are located in one of the health centres in Singapore, looking forward to the recession, the SARS epidemic in the region to start the operation of their division. As reported by the TV company "Seda VA SIMA", after one or two months will begin an unprecedented complexity of the operation to separate the twins. "Despite the difficulties, our doctors found the best method of operation, which will be completed in several stages," said Lale and Incense. The beginning of the gradual operation is delayed due to the spread in the region of the SARS epidemic. Three months ago the Singapore doctors doubted the success of the operation. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that Lala and Frankincense two independent brains in one skull. There is a danger of death or impairment of cerebral functions, RIA "Novosti". In 1996, when conducted in Germany survey Lale and Frankincense, German doctors refused to carry out an operation of such complexity. Now 28-year-old Lala and Frankincense looking forward to independence from each other. They passed all the necessary procedures. The operation will best Singapore neurosurgeons..

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