Laser removal of spider vessels

Laser removal of spider vesselsFishnet red or blue blood vessels on the face (telangiectasia) may appear in many people due to a number of reasons. The main causes are excessive passion sun tanning,sauna, frostbite of the skin and, especially, genetic predisposition. Alcohol abuse may also play a role, although the "red nose" can be a person, not drinking alcoholic beverages. The mesh of vessels in the legs appears and the very young women after childbirth, and people of older age due to impaired patency of the veins. Some people diseased vessels form not mesh, and solid red or Burgundy stain. This pathology is called "wine stain". Wine stain is a congenital disease and,if left untreated, the blood vessels will increasingly grow, to rise above the skin surface and to deform the patient. In recent years there have been dermatological lasers that can remove the damaged vessels. Sushestvovali earlier method of electrocoagulation was associated with a high risk of scarring on the skin. Effective ways of treatment of portwine stains" in dolserau era never existed. It has created several types of lasers used in dermatology, cosmetology and plastic surgery. The purpose can be divided into three groups: I. for evaporation fabric, these lasers are used, including laser skin resurfacing; II. - for the destruction of the dark pigment. Such lasers remove dark hair and tattoos; III. - removal of vascular and pigment disorders of the skin defects. Method of laser removal of blood vessels is called selective photothermolysis. Removal of vessels used pulsed lasers yellow-green light, for example, a laser device on a copper vapor YAKHROMA-Med. It is designed exclusively for the removal of small subcutaneous capillaries and vascular tumors. The laser beam penetrates into the subcutaneous capillaries, without damaging the skin. All the light energy is accumulated in the red pigment of blood. The vessel is heated,glued and disappears. The laser pulse selectively heats the blood vessel and coagulates it, which provides a unique opportunity to remove diseased vessels without damaging the skin. The procedure is usually easily tolerated by patients - laser pulse feels like a sting with a thin needle, minor skin irritation, and eye patients reliably protected by special glasses with filter. Much harder to remove vascular tumor. It represents a conglomerate of small vessels. The number of vessels per square centimeter of such tumors by several orders of magnitude greater than when the vascular mesh. That's why they look like red spots. To remove the capillary veins, often only two or three sessions, in the case of a vascular tumor, the patient needs a minimum of 5-6 sessions of laser therapy. When laser photocoagulation red pigment spots they completely disappear in 70% of patients, and the rest substantially lighter. The results of partial depigmentation spots associated with more deep vessels under the skin. To increase the number of sessions to infinity is impossible,as this can lead to atrophy of the skin, the appearance of the scar. Immediately after treatment the skin in the area of laser moderately blush, appears swelling. The next day may appear superficial shallow crust. All of these symptoms alone are within 2-5 days, depending on individual sensitivity of the patient's skin. If processed "wine stain", the curing period will last from 7 to 10 days. After the laser treatment, the skin requires special care. Every day for weeks on treated skin should apply antibacterial ointment. What decides the attending physician. Within days after treatment can not drink alcohol, aspirin, and should refrain from physical activity. In no event it is impossible to forcibly remove the crust. Within 2 months after the treatment it is forbidden to sunbathe. On Sunny days, it is necessary to protect the treated skin sunscreen. It should be noted that this method is widely used around the world for over 20 years. No remote side effects of laser treatment has never been observed. In the U.S., for example, the procedure for removal of vessels annually about 150,000 people. The method was approved and permission to use organization FDA (Food and Drug Association) in the USA.Many patients, of course, concerned with the question: "Can advanced vessels to appear again?". Yes, you can, if this is a genetic predisposition or not will be eliminated external predisposing factors. Based on our many years of clinical experience, it usually takes several years before the appearance of new blood vessels. If they appear, they are very easy to remove repeated session of laser therapy.

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