Selectoptions-hypochondriac syndrome

Selectoptions-hypochondriac syndromeSELECTOPTIONS-HYPOCHONDRIAC SYNDROME observed in neurosis, personality disorder, schizophrenia, organic diseases of the Central nervous system, as well as various depressions. Hypochondria is manifested by excessive attention to their health concern even small ailments or conviction in the presence of severe disease, disorders of the bodily sphere. Hypochondria is often combined with raznoobraznymi extremely unpleasant sensations - senectutem. In some cases cenesthopathic dominate the clinical picture, representing an independent syndrome. Psychopathological structure hypochondriacal conditions are different. When obsessive hypochondria is dominated by worrying concerns about the presence of any disease (cardiophobia, cancerophobia, fear of some unrecognized disease), combined with the massive vegetative symptoms, alyami, tremor, chills, fainting. In cases hypochondriacal depression depression is combined with a sense of hopelessness, a belief in the presence of severe disease, fear of death. In the first place in the clinical picture are numerous somatic complaints, a variety of unpleasant sensations (feelings diffuse pressure, heaviness in the abdomen, burning sensation in the chest), persistent sleep disturbance and appetite. When the hypochondria becomes overvalued nature, there is a strong fixation on pathological sensations, combined with active work on overcoming them, often acquiring the form of litigation. In some cases, all activities of patients aimed at restoring disordered, in their opinion, health. These goals serve as strict adherence, regular intake of medicines, numerous medical procedures, various measures to hardening of the body. In the film crazy hypochondria belief in the existence of any disease relies on ever-expanding system of "evidence". Patients claim that their body is affected by infection or other malicious agent, and the emergence of the disease is sometimes associated with exposure to radiation or electrical current. Despite the negative test results, patients require new research; insisting on diagnosis, refer to various authorities, accused of negligence, and sometimes in malice of doctors refusing to carry out further tests..

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