Hugs favorite healthy

Hugs favorite healthyThe arms of loved ones is the source not only fun, but also health, say U.S. scientists. Researchers from North Carolina state University began to study what effect the arms of both sexes, taking as example 28 pairs. It turned out that hugs lead to an increase in the level of oxytoxin, a hormone that relieves depression and loneliness, as well as lowers blood pressure, i.e. it reduces the risk of heart disease. Thus, according to researchers in an article published by the journal "Psychosomatic medicine, women's blood pressure drops from embrace to a greater extent than men. In the experiment, men and women were taken to different rooms, measured their blood pressure and blood levels of cortisol ("the stress hormone") and oxytoxin. The latter, incidentally, is released during childbirth and breastfeeding. Then the pair were reunited, and they were asked to sit around and remember the days when both were especially happy. Then they were shown a 5-minute romantic movie, and then left to talk alone for another 10 minutes. And then they were asked to embrace. Briefly, in just 20 seconds. After hugs and men and women observed the increased level of oxytoxin. Especially high this level was for those who are in love. "Support from the partner is associated with increased levels of oxytoxin both men and women, writes in his article, the experts working under the direction of Dr. Karen Gruen. However, the importance of oxytoxin and its potential positive cardiocondyla for women can be especially great". Dr. Sherman Griffiths, a spokeswoman for the British heart Foundation, closely followed by U.S. counterparts. "Scientists really is the question of how pleasant emotions affect a person's state of health," she says. And this experiment confirms the findings that support from a partner - in this case, the embrace of a loved one - can be very useful.".

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