Diseases and their origin from the point of view of astrology (infertility, bronchitis)

Diseases and their origin from the point of view of astrology (infertility, bronchitis)Diseases and their origin from the point of view of astrology (infertility, bronchitis) Infertility is temporary or permanent inability to have children. Blame can be man, woman or both partners. It is therefore necessary to study the horoscopes of both, to determine the cause and the possibility of its overcoming. (There are absolute infertility, when the body has an irreversible pathological condition and the pregnancy is excluded, and relative infertility. When the relative infertility causes can be eliminated. The causes of the disease can be pathological changes in the genital organs, in particular, inflammation, abnormal development of the sexual apparatus, hormonal disorders, deficiency of sperm, negative emotions that cause erectile dysfunction and ejaculation.) Usually prone to infertility occurs when the Sun and/or Saturn are weak signs and control V or XI house. The favorable position of Jupiter or Venus in the birth of one of the partners can fix or overcome this negative impact. Pain in menopause Menopausal changes in a woman's life, which means the end of menstruation, or reproductive function, begin when the Moon is in the progressive horoscope reached the sign and degree of lift, which puts it in opposition to its radical (primary) position to its first path of motion through the zodiac immediately after birth. Menstruation ceases, when the Moon is in its progressive movement reaches the third quarter from its radical position on its second journey through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. (Quite often in this period there is a climacteric neurosis. Women complain of hot flashes, feeling of heat, irritability, insomnia, headache, fatigue. Some pain in the heart area varied nature that are not associated with physical activity.) The majority of complaints related to this period are not significant. Psychological diseases are often exaggerated, or caused by other reasons. Climacteric ailments are predicted mainly by the Moon in the position of the connection to Venus, in the incompatible phase with some evil planet; the Moon in the waning position in Scorpio or Taurus. Pain in the abdomen The pain here can be caused by various reasons, so the diagnosis is often difficult to make and official medicine, and astrologer. Often a sore stomach; the pain is caused by improper feeding or food, irritating the stomach wall. Sudden and severe pain can occur in the case of appendicitis, disorders of the gall bladder, perforated ulcers in the stomach or in the case of intestinal obstruction, especially in children. Constant discomfort in the abdominal region, it is sometimes associated with inflammation of the lungs, nervous disorders and tumors. (Sudden sharp pain in the abdomen or one of its sections, which can be caused by acute cholecystitis, acute intestinal obstruction, ectopic pregnancy, trauma and so on, in medicine unite the collective name of "acute abdomen". While there is often nausea, vomiting. Pronounced the tension of the abdominal muscles. There are often delays chair, termination of treatment gases. In the future, can quickly develop severe General condition: severe intoxication, General anxiety, small rapid pulse, pallor, cold, sticky sweat. In these cases it is immediate operation, even when an unknown diagnosis.) A careful study of the map at the time of birth and progressive card helps the physician-astrologer to identify the source of anxiety. Experienced astrodienst can often specify the location of the disease better than surveys of official medicine, which depend on physical symptoms, often bearing a deceptive character. All the abdominal region is controlled by the sign of Virgo and VI of the house. The stomach is controlled by the constellation of Cancer. The muscles of the abdominal cavity are controlled by Mars, and this particularly affects when Mars is in Virgo and at the time of birth were at a disadvantage. The opposite sign of Virgo - Pisces - may also complicate the position of reflective action. Bronchitis is an infection or inflammation of the smaller bronchi. To infect them can any microbes released into the respiratory tract and lungs. (Acute bronchitis is manifested by cough, often with fever, a feeling of soreness in the chest, deterioration of General health. Signs of chronic bronchitis - cough paroxysmal, especially in the morning, with expectoration. May experience shortness of breath during physical activity. Exacerbation occurs with increased cough and fever.) There are several variants of the map causing bronchitis: the Sun or the Moon in the sixth house in permanent signs and bad phases; Uranus in Taurus or Gemini, adversely affecting the Sun, moon or Rising sign; Saturn in Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Jupiter in Gemini under the adverse influence of Mars..

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