The Essence Of Hatha Yoga

The Essence Of Hatha YogaThe Essence Of Hatha Yoga The Hatha-yoga system of education of a healthy body and healthy psyche through exercise, relaxation, psychotherapy, diet and cleansing. Hatha yoga considers the following issues: 1) what mode should follow the person; 2) how to eat, work and relax; 3) how to train and harden the body thus to prevent various diseases and to promote treatment of diseases by simple means and in the shortest possible time. Hatha yoga is a system, which gives: 1) perfect health the absence of disease; 2) the harmonic development of the organism (body, mind, psyche); 3) management of all systems of the body and all organs body (full body control); 4) rejuvenation of the body; 5) moral and mental tranquility, calm nervous system; 6) produces great determination and confidence (teaches the everyday overcoming difficulties); 7) high vitality, vivacity, capacity for work; 8) good humor, cheerfulness. Hatha yoga gives a person a lot, but at the same time she requires him no less, and mainly: 1) self-discipline; 2) the systematicity; 3) moderation in all things..

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