Pills kill libido

Pills kill libidoOral contraceptives lead to frigidity. According to American scientists, women for life to lose libido, even forever ceasing to drink tablets. Oral contraceptives, which should make women more freely, allowing them not to worry about possible pregnancy, and just happy to have sex, cause serious side effects. That birth control pills some time after the beginning of reception begin to suppress the libido, the doctors talked for a long time. Now, however, American scientists have found that passion tablets may disappear forever. Hormonal pills block the production of testosterone, which is actually responsible for sexuality in the male and in the female body. While tablets raise the levels of a substance called SHBG (testosterone-estradiol-binding globulin). These hormonal changes cause decreased libido and, for example, the ability to experience orgasm. And, apparently, the side effects persist for long. But the desire to have sex and not returned. This proves the fact that the majority of patients with sexual dysfunctions or took the pill, or continue to drink. "We believe that oral contraceptives leave its imprint on all my life," said one of the scientists. According to statistics, in the world this means of contraception are more than 100 million women. The Independent (Russian text gazety).

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