Demi Moore spent half a million on plastic surgery!

Demi Moore spent half a million on plastic surgery!Demi Moore spent half a million on plastic surgery! Hardly anyone would dispute the appeal and sexepil Hollywood actress demi Moore. In its 40 years, the star of 'Striptease' and 'Bring' looks amazing! Watching her body in 'Striptease' viewers could make sure that the breast actress unnatural and might look like the Breasts of women who gave birth three times?! According to reliable Western sources, ex-wife die hard prefers plastic surgery sports halls and diets. For stunning figure and beautiful eyes actress posted a total of about $ 400,000. So, three times a year demi Moore doing Botox injections to maintain the correct shape of the face to remove wrinkles appearing. Silicone implants, once made Breasts demi like balloons that have been recently replaced with implants medium size. Star repeatedly doing liposuction of abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Whiteness of their teeth demi obliged to the dentist, which whitens them regularly and covers special porcelain enamel. A close friend of the actress said in an interview with American Star that demi is not going to quit show business, and therefore can not afford to look presentable. It invests in the figure, in order to look young and beautiful, and the fees it receives for shooting, cover its expenses handsomely. 'She looks like a 20-year-old girl, through diet, exercise and plastic surgery!' November 11, demi Moore turned 40. A good age to star in the sequel to 'Charlie's Angels'! (NewWoman).

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