Women in the US are not allowed to buy pills next morning""

Women in the US are not allowed to buy pills next morningManagement food and drug administration (FDA) has decided not to allow for over-the-counter sales of the pill the next morning" - a means of emergency contraception that can be used after sexual intercourse. This decision was made, despite the recommendations of its own experts of the organization. The drug "Plan B", which refers to the FDA's decision, is manufactured by Barr Laboratories in new Jersey. The firm insisted that the greater availability of the drug in over-the-counter access will significantly reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies, because the technique is most effective within the first 24 hours. The drugs are based, essentially, on a higher dose of the hormone, which is found in regular oral contraceptive pills. Unlike other drugs "the next morning", such as RU-486, Plan B does not believe in causing the death of the embryo. It prevents implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterine wall. However, for most activists organizations that oppose abortion, it is enough. They strongly supported a ban on the sale of the drug. And the voting results of the expert Committee, which voted for the resolution free sale of "Plan B", generally called rigged. Their opponents from among the supporters of the right to abortion believe the FDA's decision populist move on the eve of the presidential elections. In the FDA's failure call a lack of data on the impact of the drug on the health of adolescent girls. In tests, the results of which were presented when applying for permission, only 29 of 585 women were under the age of 16 years. One of the ways out of the situation for Barr Laboratories FDA proposed reapply to allow over-the-counter sale, indicating that it is possible only for persons over the age of 16, for the rest of the drug may still be available by prescription. Mednovosti.ru.

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