Products necessary for pregnant

Products necessary for pregnantWe consume proteins, fats and carbohydrates in different species that we found back in school and already forgot. Trying to go to the "balanced" power, let us remember, in what form and where are these fats, proteins and carbohydrates. "Science" all the products are divided into six groups: 1. Milk and dairy products. 2. Meat animals and poultry, fish and eggs. 3. Bread and bakery products, cereals, sugar, pasta, pastry, potatoes. 4. The fats. 5. The vegetables. 6. Berries and fruits. Milk and dairy products Milk contains protein, easy to digest fat, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins a, B2, D. diuretic. Some people can not tolerate milk. Perhaps they will be more suitable dairy products. The cheese is richer in protein than milk. Has all its useful properties, while not as fat and calories like cheese. Kefir and other liquid dairy products have all the beneficial properties of milk, but easier to digest stimulate the intestines and keep it useful microflora. Cheese is rich in protein (25-30%) and fat (too 25-30%). Contains a sufficient amount of calcium and phosphorus. Meat animals and poultry, fish, eggs Meat is a source of animal protein (depending on grade - 14-24%). The fat content also depends on the cultivar. In addition, the meat has a variety of minerals, iron and vitamins. But keep in mind, the so-called extractives contained in meat, place a load on the liver, kidney, cardiovascular and nervous system; when cooking meat extractives go into the broth. Fatty meat is digested is worse than lean. Fish. Contained in the fish proteins are about the same as in the meat, but much Lesce digested. And the fats in fish are smaller. Remember TM that some fish can cause allergies. Eggs. A lot of protein, in addition, the yolk is high in fat and phosphatides, niteline the amount of iron that is easily digestible calcium and phosphorus, vitamins a and D. Raw eggs to eat undesirable, as they impede digestion. Bread, sugar, all sorts of tasty and not very tasty things Bread is a source of vegetable protein, containing the so-called essential amino acids; rich in carbohydrates and vitamins, fiber, minerals. Cereals contain significant amounts of carbohydrates, vegetable proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins. Semolina contains a small amount of fiber, is well absorbed. Rice contains significant quantities of starch, has Wedowee action. Millet grits are rich in potassium and magnesium. Buckwheat is rich in vitamins; proteins, the most complete amino acid composition. Contains lecithin. Barley and pearl barley is rich in fiber, stimulates the bowels. Corn grits contains vitamins B1, B2, PP and carotene. Helps neutralize the fermentation processes in the intestine. Oatmeal contains a relative large amount of fat, calories, rich in magnesium and phosphorus. The potato contains starch, mineral salts. The sugar. Net carbohydrate composed of glucose and fructose. Artificial sugar substitutes in your situation it is better not to eat, even if you are afraid of too stout.

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