Weightlessness developing creativity

Weightlessness developing creativityOn the eve of the Day of Astronautics group of filmmakers, artists and scientists from European countries will be in Star city, artistic and scientific experiment. As reported in the cosmonaut training Center named Y. A. Gagarin, from Monday until April 12, filmmakers, artists and scientists specializing in the field of space medicine, will test their creativity in a state of weightlessness, as well as at high overloads. In these conditions, they will try to create any works, and scientists will monitor the state of your own body and organisms subjects. "There is an assumption that in extreme conditions the creative individuals can receive extraordinary ideas to create works of art and artists is a special sense of color," he said in CTC. In the experiment will be attended by 9 people. "Superangelic" will hold 10 sessions (40 seconds each) in a state of weightlessness on the Il-76 MDK over the Chkalovsky airfield. Appropriate conditions will be created in the cabin when it is free "fall" from a height of 11 km 5-6 km And overload, as reported in Star city, the participants intend to test in a centrifuge located at the CTC, where do you usually train the conquerors of space. RIA "Novosti" . [Mignews.com.ua].

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