Odesilatel medical OHM-

Odesilatel medical OHM-Odesilatel medical OHM-1 for aspiration of liquids, particles Thani and gases from the cavity during surgery, for aspiration of secretions from the airway during anesthesia. Manufacturer: Spiraled Country: Russia City: Moscow Price: 6700.0 R. The field of medicine: Surgical equipment Odesilatel medical is designed for aspiration of liquids, particles, tissues, and gases from surgical wounds and other cavities during operations, for aspiration of secretion from the respiratory tract during narcosis, respiratory paralysis and in the absence of the cough reflex. Odesilatel OHM-1: has a modern design; easy to operate easy to carry (apparatus and glass containers provided by the handle) silent in operation (due to the compressor with a set of antiphons). Recommended for use in clinics and hospitals in surgery, therapy, gynecology. Odesilatel provides: adjustment of the vacuum control switch indicator; remote switching of otsiatele foot pedal; adjustment of the flow of sucked liquid pen Speed suction when the suction fluid in the soft tissues, as well as the manipulation tip opening when the fluid is sucked from the cavity. Odesilatel equipped with a float device for preventing overflow cans compilations and bacterial filter that provides protection against the penetration of bacteria into the environment. In the delivery set includes: the vacuum pump; glass containers HL. (HL. - parts); connecting tube 5 m; bacterial filter; tip for odesilatele 5 PCs Specifications: The maximum water capacity of Not less than 6 l/min Maximum air capacity of at least 20 l/min The minimum residual pressure in the Bank-a collection of Not more than 16.4 kPa (0,17 kgf/cm2) Powered by AC 220 V, 50 Hz Power consumption, not more than 60 VA Weight, not more than 11 kg Dimensions mm Hg The average MTBF of 2000 h Odesilatel medical О© - 1 principle of operation is similar to occasinally CO - 4 production in Poland, technical characteristics practically replaces all existing domestic model. Additionally, odesilatel, through the use of antifriction materials, does not require lubrication oil unlike odesilatele OH - 10..

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