The Scots found gene's death

The Scots found gene's deathThe Scots found gene's death A group of Scottish scientists have found a gene, the study of which will contribute to a better understanding of the life cycle of cancer cells and the creation of medicines, which will help cancer patients. They assert that the detected DNA allows cancer cells to stay alive longer usually allocated time. Experts from Beatson Laboratories in Glasgow earlier found that the cells of cervical cancer cannot survive an unusually long time due to the absence of part of the chromosome. Now they were able to narrow the search to a small area in the fourth chromosome, where, obviously, are the genes responsible for programmed cell death is a process that supports the balance of the total number of cells. The study of genetic defects that allow you to survive cancer cells is an important step towards the creation of new methods of treatment based on the return of the tumor vulnerabilities of healthy tissue. The journalists said the head of research Ken Parkinson (Ken Parkinson, working in the framework of the programme Cancer Research UK. Source:

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