Gastritis acute

Gastritis acuteWhat are the causes of acute gastritis? Acute gastritis is usually associated with diseases result from eating poor quality food, sometimes depends on the medication, allergies to food. What are the main symptoms of acute gastritis? The disease begins quite acute, sometimes violently. Manifested by malaise, headache, next dyspeptic disorders, nausea, vomiting, pain in the epigastric region. Often ends with recovery within 1-2 days. When more severe can be the chills, fever, repeated vomiting, irregular bowel movements, phenomena of intoxication. In the administration of solutions of acids and alkalis gastritis is characterized by deep necrotic changes of the stomach wall, burn the mucous membranes of the mouth, lips, esophagus. Patients feel a sharp pain in the annealed region, there is the phenomenon of intoxication with the development of shock. What is the treatment and care of patients with acute gastritis? Patients suffering from acute gastritis by doctor's sister holds lavage. The nurse also ensures that the patient within 1-2 days was on a strict diet. In the next 4-5 days, it is recommended to keep sparing diet. Gastritis is prescribed laxative, severe abdominal pain injected papaverine, platifillin under the skin..

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