achievements in the fight against AIDS in Africa is greatly exaggerated

achievements in the fight against AIDS in Africa is greatly exaggeratedThe Ugandan authorities may hide the real statistics of AIDS cases in the country. According to official data, the incidence of AIDS in Uganda is only 6 percent. It is usually taken as an example to other African countries. However, the experts of the organization that helps people with AIDS (NGEN), on the basis of their studies estimate the real number of patients in 17 percent, and in some areas it reaches up to 30 percent. According to NGEN, most patients do not have access to effective antiretroviral therapy. According to the Minister of health of Uganda, antiretroviral drugs need today to 120 thousand inhabitants of Uganda, while the ability to get drugs only 25 thousand. Free treats only 3 thousand patients. The authorities of South Africa, one of the most HIV-affected countries, in turn, also reported that the AIDS epidemic in the country has been brought under control. South Africa's AIDS sick 28 percent of the population. According to a report published by the Ministry of health, the increase in the number of cases last year were "insignificant". However, the opposition questioned the figures given in the report. "We are losing the war on AIDS, and the government does not want to admit it," say they. According to official data, in South Africa 5.6 million HIV-infected, of whom 3.1 million women. The greatest percentage of cases among people aged 25 to 29 years.

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