Smoking increases the risk of multiple sclerosis

Smoking increases the risk of multiple sclerosisCompared with never Smoking, smokers have three times higher risk of developing multiple sclerosis. About this question at issue Neurology 28 October. Researchers at the University of Bergen (Norway) and Harvard University (Massachusetts, USA) from 1997 to 1999, he watched over 22 000 people aged 40-47 years. It was found that the risk of multiple sclerosis (MS) among smokers is much higher than those who had never smoked - in three times in men and doubled in women. It turned out that most of the 87 participants with MS had smoked an average of 15 years before the setting of this terrible diagnosis. Only 24% of never smokers, 76% had smoked in the past or continued to smoke and at the present time. "As smokers were considered people who smoke at least one cigarette per day. In all of the surveyed population the experience of Smoking ranged from 1 year to 38 years," says Dr. Trond Riise (Bergen). "It is not clear why male smokers had a higher risk of MS than women", adds Dr. Alberto Ascherio (Harvard). According to Dr. Stephen Reingold, Vice President of the National Society for the study of RS, Smoking is one of the factors that may cause the development of MS in genetically predisposed persons Other adverse factors can be infection, unfavorable environmental conditions, etc. Dr. Gary Franklin (School of Public Health and Social Medicine at the University of Washington) recalls that the risk of developing MS in smokers is relatively low compared with the risk of lung cancer: recent smokers is higher in 3-5 times. In the editorial article in the same edition of Dr. Franklin writes: "If I had a Smoking patient whose family there were cases of MS, I would definitely recommend him to abandon the cigarettes.".

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