Working place How safe it is?

Working place How safe it is?Working place. How safe it is? Deaths at work more than on the roads. Every day in the workplace millions of people are injured, with irreversible consequences. Others lose health due to fatigue or due to exposure to harmful substances. Fatigue at work many employers require their employees high productivity. In Japan the term karoshi - death from overwork - was first used in a claim for compensation. With such claims appealed to the court of families who have lost a loved one. In Japan victims karoshi be at least 30,000 people. Also, according to Japanese police, problems at work are the main reason for the growing number of suicides among people aged 50 to 59 years. When companies are restructuring and downsizing in order to avoid financial crisis, the volume of work among the remaining employees increases. Violence at work - Pereutomlenie workers not only suffer themselves. For example in the UK the study showed that many employees in the course of the day constantly irritated by the actions of their colleagues and this often leads to violence. In addition, many face violence from customers, for example customers. In the risk group includes doctors, police, teachers. Another form of violence at work is an insult to the dignity of the person, which the international labour organization is considered as psychological violence. Most often it is expressed in bullying. Stress and diseases caused them guard the person in any corner of the world. International organization of the United Nations for the year 1993 was noted in his report that 'stress mainly occurs due to the fact, that the employee is surrounded by cold, constantly changing and often hostile attitude of their colleagues'. Disregard for safety. Another widespread problem is the neglect of the work, including failure to comply with cleanliness and order. Scattered across the floor tools and bare wires can lead to sad consequences. Many workers suffered serious injuries poskolznuvshis on a wet floor or where spilled oil. And yet most people are not serious about the safety rules. The explosion at Chernobyl in 1986, often referred to as 'the terrible nuclear disaster'. What was was the reason? In the report of the experts says about 'a number of errors during the experiments' and 'repeated failure to comply with safety regulations'. The correct choice. It often happens that two of the most important decisions in your life is choosing the marriage of the satellite and the choice of specialty - man takes lightly. When choosing a major and choosing a life partner, many sometimes take into account only the attractive side, not paying attention to the negative side. For example, in many countries, people give in to tempting advertisement, promise a life of luxury in any part of the world. But coming back, people are in a worse condition than at home. Source:.

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