Who needs vitamins and minerals

Who needs vitamins and mineralsNeed them each. People who do not get enough of them, ill. Americans tend to believe that the deficiency leads to poor diet, but this statement is valid only for East Africa, Bangladesh and some other regions. The consequences of the traditional diets of many Americans (fast food, canned food, sweets, drinks, salty, too fatty and overcooked food) are most often associated with obesity: obesity, heart attacks, hypertension and damage to the teeth. However, occasionally, under certain circumstances, there is also a lack of some nutrients, which can be avoided by observing the basic rules and taking preventive measures. Low-calorie diet. If daily calorie intake from food is not less than 1000, it is enough vitamins and minerals, but at the next level already required additives. The dosage will be determined by the doctor. Vitamins and vegetarians. Balanced diet without meat contains enough vitamins, but it should include milk and eggs. Vitamin B12 is found only in animal products, so each follower of a strict vegetarian diet should take B12 in addition. Vitamins and infants. Infants breastfed during the first three months do not need vitamins. Then black children and those who don't get enough sunlight, should receive supplements of vitamin D. Children fed a nutrient mixtures, the required vitamins C and D, if they are not part of the mix. Vitamins and medications. Their interaction and mutual influence is very great. However, most of the interactions of drugs and vitamins to describe a traditional enclosed form of annotations or leaflets: "If you have cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, disease of the thyroid gland, diabetes or prostatic hypertrophy, do not buy this product until you consult with your doctor". I always get nervous reading these texts, but can't remember a single patient has been the victim of such phenomena, and allow anyone to take them. In most cases drug interaction with food does not lead to violations, but the risk increases in proportion to the time during which you are taking the drug. Antibiotics, anti-seizure drugs and chemotherapeutic agents, and anticoagulants cause the greatest number of negative reactions. Doctors usually don't know ask if their patients any additives, therefore coming to the doctor for a prescription, ask him about it. Vitamins and stress. Physical stress reduces levels of certain vitamins in the blood, especially vitamin C. Common sense dictates that the reverse process will help to overcome stress, and many popularizers advise people who are constantly experiencing physical and emotional stress, take vitamin supplements. Some vitamins are advertised only as anti-stress. Vitamins and disease. Vitamin C is definitely effective for symptoms of the common cold, but if you feel so bad that you are going to go to the doctor, the intake of ascorbic acid for a short time will ease your condition. The minerals. Men should take an active interest in calcium. About 35 years each of us is gradually losing the calcium in the bones. Many middle-aged women suffer from curvature of the spine, stoop, they are frequent fractures of the hip. Men begin to experience similar difficulties later on, because their bones are thicker and provide a larger supply of calcium. However, everyone should drink about a liter of milk a day, or take one gram of calcium in any form. As already mentioned, young women often need extra iron, but before prescribing supplements of iron man suffering from iron deficiency anemia, it is necessary to determine the cause. Vitamin and mineral supplements. Should I take them for prevention? Yes, if you feel better. Some doctors exaggerate the danger of overdose - to poisoning by vitamins, needed a huge dose. Other experts believe that such supplements are useless. There is a certain truth, but many of the actions do not bring visible benefits, including those from which we enjoy. Everything in the world is relative, based on this thesis, tablet vitamin better than a piece of chewing gum, but worst of fresh carrots. A reasonable rule. Multivitamin and mineral supplements are effective, provided that you have and so a good health. And if it seriously undermined, additives, most likely, will not help. For example, for treatment of iron deficiency anemia in a typical vitamin too little iron. Lack of vitamins A, D or folic acid is evidence of significant violations, and you need to consult a physician to determine the cause. Maybe a surplus of vitamins a, C and E or selenium does reduce the risk of cancer, but I recommend to take daily not more than one gram of vitamin C, and the rest is nothing more than contain multivitamin tablets..

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