Massage Chinese

Massage ChineseZhen-JIU therapy, including acupuncture, moxibustion and acupressure, was born in Ancient China thousands of years ago. To date Oriental doctors have successfully used acupressure in the treatment of various diseases. The technique of acupressure (Zhen) is pressed on biologically active points (BAP), which transmit bioelectrical impulses in the body. These points connect the special pathways (meridians), which carry out the vital energy 'Chi'. Is acupressure pad of your finger or nail. Pressing on acupressure points there is a release of endorphins that block pain. The result is not only the disappearance of pain, but also increase blood flow in the desired area of the body. Organs and tissues are better oxygenated, the faster the metabolism. In addition, relaxes tense muscles, from the body faster are metabolic products and toxins. All this allows the body to better resist diseases, people feel refreshed and full of energy. Acupressure is used in the treatment of headaches, some diseases of the joints, it is applied with arthritis, chronic bronchitis, tracheitis, bronchial asthma, hypertension, myositis, sciatica, stomach ulcers, constipation. Using Chinese acupressure can be overcome insomnia, fatigue, can improve it efficiency, improve memory, slow down the aging of the skin and the entire body. Applies the technique of acupressure in the treatment of obesity. Used Chinese acupressure and dealing with stress. Shows Chinese acupressure and children. Children who are properly and systematically acupressure, significantly improved memory and increased efficiency, they begin to learn much more successful. Acupressure self-massage is well established in sports practice. Used before and after the competition (training), it allows you to prevent injury and achieve the best results. Applied Chinese acupressure and massaging the skin with the aim of preserving youth and attractiveness. It can make the skin elastic and supple, it also helps to relax facial muscles, which delays the formation of wrinkles on the face..

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