Last ketamine case resulted in a conviction

Last ketamine case resulted in a convictionThe last "ketamine case ended in a conviction. December 16, Frunzenskiy district court of Vladimir ruled on the case of a veterinarian Olga Tenevoi. The vet was found guilty of illegal possession and sale of ketamine. For multiple offenses, the court ruled to determine Tenevoi the punishment of imprisonment for a period of 3 years, in accordance with article 73 of the criminal code punishment consider probation for a period of 2 years. Olga Tanaev acquired ketamine for his dog, but then sold the drug to the owner of another animal, resulting in against her criminal case was opened. The trial was from April 2004. Yevgeny Chernousov, advocate Tenevoi defending and the other vets at the Moscow "ketamine" processes, said: "Today's verdict, which just announced, I think, unwarranted. We will appeal this verdict in the Vladimir regional court. And if there is, we will not achieve the acquittal, it is up to the Supreme court". Olga Tanaev going to use the help of foreign journalists and human rights defenders, in order to achieve cancellation of the sentence. "After this sentence, I will probably social work. The veterinary surgeon in General... I don't want after such punishment. After I have done my duty, I just won veterinary doctor," she said. In the Vladimir management of the Federal drug control sentenced believe is fair. In a press release, which was distributed in the morning, even before the court decision, the vet was already named guilty. Recall that up to this point from more than two dozen "ketamine Affairs" the verdict ended the trial of the Moscow vet Alexandra Decoy, who was found guilty but released from punishment. Later, the conviction was quashed. TV6-Vladimir.

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