StShampoo cream = death

 StShampoo cream = deathAmerican and British scientists are seriously concerned about the fact that 99% of perfumery and cosmetic products placed on the market, does not pass proper security checks. It should be emphasized that we are talking about legal products, and not about fakes. The concern is primarily the so-called "cocktail effect": every day on our skin blended many toxins of various types, and nobody knows exactly, not whether they will cause over time significant adverse health effects. The average person uses daily nine hygiene products that contain a total of 126 different ingredients. Using existing security tests can be checked, does this product such reactions as skin redness, rash and itching, but the long-term effects on human health and the environment remains unexplored. Chemicals are the basis for products such as shampoos for hair or hand cream. Being absorbed into the skin, they can accumulate in fatty tissues and in the liver, kidney, reproductive organs and the brain. Cosmetics manufacturers complain about the unreasonable whipping up hysteria, but facts are stubborn: doctors find industrial plasticizers-phthalates in the urine, preservatives-parabens in breast tumors, artificial flavorings and Antibacterials in milk of nursing mothers. As shown by medical research, fragrances can trigger asthma, detergents, are included in shampoos, to damage the mucous membranes of the eye, and chemicals used for hair coloring, to cause bladder cancer and lymphoma. An even greater number of components used in personal care products, is among experts under suspicion as potential sources of risk. If we were talking about pharmaceutical drugs, all products are affected, was withdrawn from sale, and to examine the safety of drugs would have been allocated large sums of money. As for the perfume industry, there is security policy left to drift. And since most of us tend to believe the promises that our skin will become smooth and smile - white, products containing potentially hazardous substances continue to be sold and used, and no one coming in the morning in the bathroom, doesn't know how toxic the contents of the shelf under the mirror. The Independent (Russian text

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