Fat does not mean stupid and lazy

Fat does not mean stupid and lazyDoctors are mistaken when they assert that fat people are lazy. This is the conclusion of researchers from Yale University in the USA. Many fat people complain about the fact that people often believe that their excess weight is associated with overeating or because they do not exercise. Meanwhile, obesity may be due to other reasons, such as heredity or environment. Marlene Schwartz and her colleagues conducted a survey of 389 physicians who treat and study obese people. Those who are younger, more likely to suffer from stereotypes about fat people. Those who do not work directly with obese people were more likely to see them in a bad light. "Found direct and indirect evidence that health care workers was associated stupidity, laziness and worthlessness with fat people," says Schwartz. Ian Campbell from UK forum on obesity stated that the results of the survey are not surprised and if questioned by English doctors, the results would likely be similar. Ian Campbell, the British forum on obesity. "It is sad that health professionals share the same stereotypes that ordinary people suffer from, but it is not a surprise," says the Campbell. "It is increasingly clear that more than 80% of obese people have this genetic predisposition," he said.- Although it is difficult to distinguish genetic predisposition in its pure form, but in many cases the patient does not have the power to affect completeness". The prejudice against fat people does not benefit the doctors. Campbell said, "if the doctor prejudice to the efforts of the patient, a good result can not wait". MedLinks.Ru.

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