Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuliLapis lazuli *33r*This stone is unusual, ciause blue. In the fields it is often found together with malachite. Lapis lazuli is able to open the door for us into the world of spirituality. If during meditation it is placed on the Third eye area, lapis lazuli promotes deep understanding of the essence of things. Lapis lazuli enhances the ability to concentrate and contributes to a more conscious life. It cleanses the aura of the past, outdated layers. If the stone is lapis lazuli to put on the sore spot, it helps relieve pain, tension and cramps. It is used for pain in the joints, sciatica, blood disease and spine. Lapis lazuli improves pregnancy and prevent miscarriage. For a healing stone, it is useful to combine with rose quartz, amethyst, green aventurine. Ayurvedic specialists recommend wearing it around his neck a gold necklace. However, beads of lapis lazuli, strung on silk thread, help not worse. Chakra lapis lazuli - throat..

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