Vascular disease and aging are linked through genes

Vascular disease and aging are linked through genesNew research aimed at finding specific genes, the changes that occur with aging that will allow another to identify the reasons for the development of vascular diseases and take appropriate action against them. To vascular diseases are disorders in our main blood vessels - arteries and veins. When the three most common types of vascular diseases of the infringed work: carotid artery, aorta and peripheral blood flow, and aging is the main risk factor for their occurrence. Recent studies show that the pathological changes in these vessels not only predispose to disease, but also harm the overall immune system of the body. Other studies have shown a progressive increase in oxidative reactions, activation of inflammatory mediators (molecules, which are able to react with specific receptors on the cell membrane and alter its permeability to certain ions), and increased endothelioma dysfunction in humans and animals, on the background of the above-mentioned changes in the normal operation of vessels. And yet, vascular disorders in humans and some rodent species show varying degrees of "physiological aging" when compared to their chronological age, which leads to the proposal that the influence of genetic factor in the aging process. Aging within blood vessels caused by transformations, characteristic of atherosclerosis. Although this vascular aging may be a predisposition for vascular disease, the mechanistic basis for this is not clear. To find out whether you will need to evaluate the impact of genes on the vessels, which show different degrees of aging/reconstruction. Such a comprehensive genetic analysis has identified specific molecules involved in the aging process. This way the detection of the vascular pathologies that develop with aging, could serve as an effective tool for the diagnosis of vascular aging in humans in the future. Amid these challenges, the team of researchers from the Methodist Research Institute and Indiana University School identified specific molecules, genetic regulation of which changes in the aging process, contributing to the dependent age vascular transformation. Their results, presented at the meeting of the American Physiological Society, confirmed the current view that atherosclerosis is catalyzing the process of pathological changes in the blood vessels.

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