Disease prevention the hands of computer users

Disease prevention the hands of computer usersDisease prevention the hands of computer users *173r*Most diseases, as is well known, it is easier to prevent than to spend money on their treatment. The result is not guaranteed, even if you vbwhite a fortune in the purchase of medicines. The purpose of my article is not to scare readers the consequences of terrible diseases, and to help maintain their health. Because in the world there are many diseases for which it is hard to protect. So why expose yourself to additional risk, if it can be avoided. Today we will talk about tunnel syndrome, wrist, one of the typical computer user diseases. One most common carpal tunnel syndrome? Carpal tunnel syndrome, or carpal tunnel syndrome most commonly affects professional typists, web designers, computer users, and drivers. That is, people who when the hands are in a static position, and the fingers do monotonous constant movement for a long time. If You are a computer user and a driver, the chances of getting sick increase. As the disease manifests itself? First of all comes the numbness of the hand, a tingling sensation in the skin, and the pain that disrupts the normal rhythm of life and sometimes even leads to insomnia. The cause of these symptoms is swelling or compression of the median nerve that passes through the channel tunnel, the walls of which are tendons. With monotonous and repetitive work hand tendon constantly make small movements relative to each other, which can cause irritation and swelling of the surrounding tissues, including the median nerve. Of course, if you work on two or three hours a week, then nothing will happen, but long-term and permanent job these phenomena can quickly grow. Over time, the swelling can vary invasion of the connective tissue, causing all the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome become permanent and amplified at work. What factors influence the development of carpal tunnel syndrome? Is there a predisposition to the disease? The primary factor that leads to the development of the syndrome is a continual monotonous work, especially if it is not punctuated exercises for hands, can significantly prevent the emergence of anxiety symptoms. There is also a genetic predisposition to the tunnel syndrome. In normal tendons muscles are surrounded by synovial bags, which produces a special liquid that functions as a lubricant. In some genetic disorders such lubricant is either not allocated or allocated very little, and that leads to more rapid progression of the syndrome. Among the diseases that predispose to the development of the syndrome, it is worth noting diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, gout, and other diseases associated with the metabolic disorder. Also increases the risk of developing tunnel syndrome in women during hormonal changes - pregnancy and during menopause. When all these conditions tendons can swell, which leads to the development of edema. How can I prevent tunnel syndrome? Prevention tunnel syndrome should be comprehensive. Here in the first place, the arrangement of the workplace. First, you need to buy a chair or a chair with armrests. While sitting in this chair legs should touch the floor and to form with the torso angle of 90 degrees. Arms should be bent at the elbow joints, and the angle of the joint is approximately 90 degrees. This situation is called physiologically advantageous, as in this case, the load on the muscles of different groups are distributed evenly. The next group of recommendations concerns the position of the keyboard. The keyboard should be placed at a height of 65-75 cm from the floor, while the user's hands must not be bent more than 80 degrees in the elbow joints, otherwise there will be deterioration of blood circulation in the muscles, which leads to a rapid decline in health. According to the recommendations TCO '99, the keyboard should not be too high and steep. Distance from table surface to row a-e on the standard layout may not exceed 30 mm. Allowable elevation angle of the keyboard relative to the working surface of the table - from 2 to 15 degrees. It is this range of values of the angle with proper posture allows you to achieve the optimum position of the hands. Finally, the mode of operation. First, invalid continuous operation: due to the strain on the eyes and the deterioration of blood circulation in the hands. Secondly, during breaks, which should last 5-7 minutes and repeated every 40-50 minutes, you should perform a small set of exercises for the hands: compress and unclench his fists - five or six times within 1-2 minutes, to perform the rotational motion of the brush in one and the other side for 1-2 minutes, then straighten arms in front of you and move your fingers for 1-2 minutes After this exercise can be repeated. As diagnosed and treated carpal tunnel syndrome? Diagnosis of this disease is based primarily on a detailed history. Of the instrumental methods used electromyography, which can be used to establish the degree of damage to the muscles of the forearm and indirectly to judge the severity of the disease. The treatment is to release the median nerve caused by compression of surrounding tissues. Not so long ago there is a new conservative method of treatment is the administration of corticosteroids in the wrist. He showed its reliability and demonstrated good results. Source:.

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